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Product received for free Early Access Review Arena in the style of "Halloween". The Game from the first person, Respavnimsya, looking for a gun and as in the shooter destroy everything that moves. The game is very beautiful graphics, quite qualitatively created Halloween atmosphere. In Each arena will be "their" enemies, that is changing the arena you change not only the scenery, but also the enemies. All enemies have their characteristics, someone is killed from the first bullet, in someone to shoot longer, or from the big enemies can get 2 small. Some enemies have explosive properties, if you kill him next to you, you will also get damage. At the moment the developers offer us 5 aren, but since the game is in early access, I think that in the future there will be more. The Game is a bit hardcore, so I do not detained for a long time, but if you are a fan of hardcore aren, then this product will be your liking.
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Early Access Review ITS TIME TO KILL SOME DEMONS! TRAPPED IN AN ABYSMAL, INSANE CARTOON WORLD YOU HAVE TO SURVIVE AMONGST UNCOUNTABLE HORDES OF DEMONS... Yes and No. Nice Game If you omit the fact that from the 15th of September to date, has never been updated.... Captivating Graphics as well as the music during the fight, HUD at the edge of the absent, gaunt gameplay, almost linear, jumps, run and shoot. Arsenal limited to 3 weapons: pistol, Uzi machine gun and crossbow (which should be a sniper rifle without the zoom); The Latter, although having a different rate among them, do not differ, unfortunately, in the type of ammunition supplied: pistol, Uzi and Baletra, they use both the same bullets, so once the blows are finished, it will remain dry with both weapons. I Imagine that to overcome this "problem", the developers have "soiled" on purpose, throughout the arena, large amounts of ammo crates, when it would have been more appropriate to expand the area of combat. Enemies, which vary according to the level chosen, do not have their own collision and conpenetrate anything except the walls, in addition to the fact that, if faced at close range and in group, since their damage inflicted is unbalanced, the one shot is assured, Game End in itself, to unlock the various levels, just kill one enemy and then get out of the game or possibly, get brutally inflict damage from the monsters; There is no settings menu, for audio and mouse sensitivity control; In The game is also absent the Pause menu, so beware, because you die istant. Absent the multiplayer, fortunately or unfortunately, depends on what point you look at it. Not Recommended for those who think it can be a valid "ARENA", hoping to be able to play with friends and possibly Lan-party Recommended to Zeb89 for a new video of Lerciume Steam and all those who like to shovel * Erda on games created to cheat money Stupid people, like me.