DICETINY: The Lord of the Dice reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review hmmmmm. It is difficult to give an Assessment at this Stage (Early Access). In the Hope that this Game will receive further Updates, I will rate positively. However, according to my Memories, I Paid far more than €4.99per (the current Price on the 25.01.2016). Don't want To summon that, though;D Within the first 2 Weeks of Release, I struck. That'S why I struggled to buy at the time, there was a lot of Coal for me (my first E A game and a new Genre for me) but I wanted to support the game developers-> of course with the Hope Of getting a really great Game at the End. It's Fun, I really like to play. Okay, RPG? It is in the Direction but it is not so easy for me to classify. With the current Content (January 2016) it quickly gets boring. But not because of the Principle, but because so far there is only one Stage with 4 Opponents. At First, Frustration quickly arose as you have to play the 3 more Opponents freely. Every Time I won, the Game crashed just before the "won" Message. So the Whole thing from the front ... ... This Time, the Rounds that are limited were exceeded. But Punk-wise, it should have been a Victory. Now you can imagine what's coming? Exactly ^ ^ the Game freezes with the Message one that all Rounds have been played. But Is, of course, not scored. Was just about to close the Taskmanager. So again from scratch. That annoyed at some point and the Game disappeared for Months. Frustration:/ Not played for a long time because it was frusty. After a long Time, I re-rammed the Game today. Because not all the Cards had been dropped ^ ^ and I wanted to see if the next Stage is there (Ingame has been standing there for Months "coming soon"). No, by the way, she's not there. Freezing has gotten a little better, real Gameplay came up. The Game can now also live with a "Win" of the Player. For this I had a Crash in just under an Hour 3x with a _ Fatal error _ Message. When You launched, the Windows Firewall came in. No Idea why. I didn't have that before the last Updates. At the Moment I would agree with many negative Voices that it is more of a Demo. I don't think it is much more than that. You can't say much about the game that you can't see the Pictures and Description ... How would I narrowly rewrite it?: Laund-based, each Char has its own Cards and Abilities. I really like the Style. The Humour, however, is still expandable. You have Cards with Sayings and with Minions that can be summoned. After each Round, the Ability to use Cards at a certain Price increases. All very well thought out. You can also get into the Game quickly without English Skills. But if you want to get to know the Skills of the Cards without "trying" you should at least have basic English knowledge. The Music ... Ah, yes... So I can't remember ^^ could be seen as more of an unobtrusive Elevator lalala. But she doesn't bother either, so Okay. For the Game, I would like to see:-Would be Nice at least a local KOOP-which the Stages have different Game boards and not just other Opponents-and of course what was so promised;) More Cards, Classes and Co. since I just hope the Developers keep Word So keep waiting. So far only for People who can collect a Game and wait and see. The Game could really become a Cracker! Could. For all whose Frustration Is low, the Purchase waits until more Content is there.