Digital Tamers: ReBorn

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Train, fight, evolve! Digital Tamers: ReBorn is a casual fighting game for all Digimon fans. Your mission is to take care of your partner, keep it strong, healthy in order to evolve and win battles and several prizes! Excel and win the 12 Championships that will take place throughout the year in order to become a true Digimon Tamer! Live this experience and welcome, to the Digital World!


Digital Tamers: ReBorn was thought to be a spiritual sequel to Digimon World Championship (DS), with elements from various other games of the franchise, like Digimon Battle Spirit (GBA), combined in its own way of experiencing the bound between Digimonand Partner.
In Digital Tamers: ReBorn, your Digimon is in charge of the battle. It's up to you as a tamer, prepare it to overcome any challenge it faces!


  • Single Player 1x1 Platform Fighting;
  • Over 370 different obtainable Digimon;
  • Over 100 challenges to excel and unlock items, secret evolution and more;
  • All game actions performed by mouse;
  • Available for PC and Android devices

On PC version:

  • SHIFT - open/close DigiVice
    • Z, X, C - Perform Commands
  • SPACE BAR - open/close DigiPad
    • Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F - Use Items


Check out our Discord Server in order to get help from the dev and other tamers around the world!


Digimon, Digital Monsters and all related characters and monsters are the property of Akyioshi Hondo, Toei Animation and Bandai.
This game is intended for entertainment purposes only.

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Last Modified: Nov 23, 2020

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