Dima Rescues Ira reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
I have reascended: I purchased another game of Starodymov (also a developer of "Masha Rescues GRANDMA") and although this game is almost a year after "Masha" there is no significant progress. Also in this case, the graphical interface is the same, the images are very static and the help is available only on YouTube. The Only positive element: The story, however simple and very short, develops in a better way than the previous game. Thus, the thumb up is ONLY as encouragement to the developer. Come on: I hope you can do better! I bought it at a discounted price (1.19 euros) and then in Part I Consolo: Basically, it is the equivalent of a decaffeinated coffee, in Italy. But, of course, I recommend it only if you find it discounted or free-to-play. Played with iMac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.
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Microsoft from French
In my soul and conscience, I reject this game in its entirety! • The translation (which stings the eyes) • the inventory system (boring as possible) • mini games (few and disastrous) • puzzles (if you can call it that) it is not a hidden object game, no, it would be rather vaguely a game of "logiq EU ' a bit twisted. Your beloved is kidnapped, we'll have to rescue her. It is up to you to find the object in the different rooms to interact in front of the next obstacle of your journey, which will reward you with the key that will unlock the next passage. In short a succession of dead ends and sometimes obvious solutions sometimes taken in mind because you will not have had the good idea to break the jar in the corner there that contains the gloves that will allow you to undo the wheel of the Bramble to push the trolley to clear the Wolf. Yes I blocked a moment, it feels!?! Short and far from distracting, it is a NON categorical!
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Microsoft from Russian
Hello, I wanted to leave a review to Dima Rescues Ira. I ask you to pay attention to the fact that the positive assessment is stretched, well just bordered by the negative. I hope in the future will add neutral reviews, but we rejoice at least this. A Positive assessment is due solely to the comparison of Dima Rescues Ira with past developer games. She is above the rest, but it is difficult to call it good. Before us a very short * adventure *, the plot of which should be found in advance on the page with the game. Immediately comes the unpleasant understanding that the game came on steam from mobile devices. There are few Locations, logic in the happening on the screen is not at all, well, and about the puzzles, I do not even, because they will pass and Oligofren. You Know, friends, I'm already thinking of making a bad review, so I'm going to stop covering this misunderstanding. If the game got you in any bandit, you can pass half an hour for passage, take for the full cost of sin like. Enjoyable game... to other games.