Disco Elysium reviews

holy shit
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
unusual and catchy~
I liked the writing, I liked the style, in the end what didn´t let me finish this game was that the skill system and way the skill checks are distributed can softlock you in a critical narrative moment. I wasn´t too hyped about the proposition of reloading the same check until i hit the 8% chance so I stopped about midway through the game. Still I'd recommend it for an interesting layered take on an interesting mix of point and click mixed with wacky-political RPG Elements.
«Sit back and relax»
Really should have played this *after* The Outer Worlds. The level of emotional and intellectual depth and complexion here is so far beyond any game I've played and beyond most other stories in other media. I'll be chasing the feeling this game gave me for a long time.
Disco Elysium was such a pleasant surprise to me this year. Video games with strong narratives and character development are still such a rare thing. The mechanics of the game are intertwined with the narrative in a way that makes both feel more essential. I can't wait to see and experience what developer ZA/UM creates next.