Disgaea 2 PC reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Buy It, Grind It! Ingenious Grind Game (as you should watch at Playtime). Here the Saying "After the Game is before the game" really applies, the first run keeps the Story well with your Mood, the Humor does not come up short, you have the game then by starting the Sense of the Election first. There are many Ways to deal, whether in the Item-World-Cave of Ordeals-Dark World etc., you have a lot to do until you reach level 186k. If the Story Mode is through, for example, after the End you can play the Axel Mode, which Unlocks a few new Classes and skills again and whose story Fights demand a little more than that this is the Case in the normal Game. Conclusion: If you like Grindet, have a good Selection of Classes and Skills and like to throw time out to the Window, you are well catered for with this Game-Get it!
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Microsoft from French
Mixed reviews I begin to discover this version, enthusiastic about hundreds of hours spent on the previous Opus. Unfortunately some changes are malevenus: the interface mainly, less efficient to read, unnecessary transparencies, confusing info, sometimes bacled Windows. The atmosphere is there, the mechanical is fine, but the graphics look less worked, like the impression that the game could have benefited from a level of upgrade resolution. Some landscapes also are simply ugly, as part of the maps of the world item... rude and with unpleasant textures. Okay these are just the beginnings, hopefully improvements worthy of the capabilities of the video on a PC will arrive. For the rest there is no doubt: action, humor, screenplay, full of secrets... the whole base is correct, you can have fun discovering and daring the race to the advanced modes and hunting the EX! I will summarize: good start, little more aim better!
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Microsoft from Spain
The Best of all Disgaea without a doubt:D (I've played them all) and above all my favorite game! Totally recommended, very comfortable to play, I had the privilege of playing it on PS2 at the time and I invested a lot of time, I never played the PSP version that yes. This version gives you a lot of skill in controlling the characters thanks to the battle speed system, just put it to the maximum for the characters move very fast (in the version of PS2 could not) and saves you a lot of time , there is Skip's option to history which greatly reduces the waiting time:D And I can not forget to mention the textures HD and the UI quite improved, with the letters in HD that will make it easier to read and understand objects, and even more if you nostalgico and want to see the classic, there is also an option:D Without a doubt guys the best of the 3 versions (PS2, PSP and PC) all included DLC and the launch price is really awesome! Recomendadisimo! PD: 0 crashes so far gg WP NIS