Disney High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Hi to the fans of high school musical! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1356178453 I just got a first session of about 1h20 and wanted to leave a little hot notice for the few people interested in the game. What is it? It's a rhythm game (thank you Captain obvious) much simpler than an OSU! Mania in advanced difficulty but still has its lot of challenge. I have not yet unlocked the third and (apparently) last level of difficulty so I will come back to update this evaluation when it is done. The different levels stand out like this: 1) second class 2) class of first 3) class of Terminal I'm not going to lie the only interesting thing about the first level is the music. The rhythm of the balls appearing on the screen is far too slow to actually have fun. The second is that I saw a bit more raised with some nice combos but is not very complicated either so I expect a lot of the third. EDIT: after making ten songs about the year of senior I am rather satisfied, it still does not break three Paws to a duck but we finally have fun and to aim for the full perfect it will have to tryhard. Otherwise the controls are done with the arrows on your keyboard, which works wonderfully. Where I was pleasantly surprised by the game (apart from the very good quality of the sounds) is precisely what concerns the rhythm of the "perfect score" (when you have to press your arrow at the right time). Unlike many other rhythm games that can frustrate their lack of precision between the tempo of sound and the moment when we really need to press our key to make a perfect, this one is just perfect! Seeing the balls and combos to make ahead of time could easily make them eyes closed (tested and approved). Could he please me? At the sole condition of liking the rhythm games and worship HSM. Is it worth its price? 19.99 E it's a bit pricey even if you are a fan. I had my version at 6 euros and I think it's a good price, take it below 10th. As for the content, you will be entitled to some nice bonuses. You will obviously be able to unlock new songs by making good scores but there are other little details pretty cool! Like unlocking many quizzes to know your affinities with the different characters of the movies. With each good note at the end of a song you will win: new songs, quizzes, new clothes for your characters, and a trophy until you reach your diploma. The new difficulties do not require you to finish all the songs in the previous. You will also have an album to fill up as you are. There is also the ability to make your own character and choose each time that you will want to blackmail and dance together (when Chad sings with KELSY or Taylor with the voices of Troy and Gabriella it's pretty funny). Conclusion Yes the textures are poor and the scenery very unequal but the rest is quite well respected and it is really fun for little that one is a fan of the universe. Moreover the choreographies and the camera plans are altogether perfectly respected. If you find it in promo and you love music, you can go there:).