Disney Infinity 2.0: Gold Edition reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Main innovations and changes In this part removed the base and the ability to purchase a variety of things (well, all sorts of trinkets to buy still possible, but exclusively for the sandbox mode < < Box with Toys > >). Handling by Ground Transport Just terrible, it would be better to cut it, if there is such a matter (though, with the air all the other way around, but its actuality in question, as the characters who know how to fly is still more effective, and manage them more convenient). But There are pluses, the main among which is that there is a tree of skills. Each character Has its own, but, as a rule, it differs only a few skills. Instead of money, now the Blue energy (which, nevertheless, earns the same, but in all modes and occurrences it is common), it can be used to reset the studied skills and additional leveling of the character in the level (there is this function in the window Skill tree, in the upper left corner, with your level) (the maximum level is 20). Starting with this part to revive the character will need to pay a fine, in the amount of 1 000 blue (... No, it is not a plus). In Addition, mission navigation has improved and radar has been added. And also from the whole series only this part in the steam on the Russian. In The Game 7 passes, three in the section < < Game Arenas > > and four in the "Mini-Games".... M-Yes, and in the original is "Toy Box Games", well, what you say-the magic of translation in all glory. Read more about the stories of 1-3) Those that are in the < < Game Arenas > > (Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spiderman) are a superhero, like the story of a Incredibles from the last part. If you compare with other games, the data passing more are reminiscent of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series. Only in these stories there is an open world and a full story (in the other four, only small inserts at the beginning and end). 4-5) < < Escape from Kila > > and < < Forest Siege Braveheart > >-represent something like a game in the genre of Hack and Slash. In each of the 8 missions, except for training. In this case you will be accompanied by a companion who can equip with helmets, clothes and Weapons (all of which can be found directly on missions). Out of the cons, just a creepy monotony. These Two passing are not much different from each other, except for the visual component. 6-7) < < Sturm Asgard > > and < < The Tropical Salvation of Sticha > > is a mixture of action and tower defense. Here You build defensive towers and participate personally in defense, like it was in Sanctum. In both the 10-mission and non-training missions. And They're too little than each other is different, apart from the visual component. In Spite of this, it turned out quite well, but nothing special and with very offensive fae: I) The area of action of the towers is Not displayed. II) Rather seldom when by their description it is clear for what it is necessary for this or that structure, because of what it is necessary in practice to expose them and to look, but sometimes and it does not help. III) and the most insignificant-your character responds to accidental hits of your same tower, which may even fall, but fortunately does not apply damage. The Result And yet to this part should be mainly treated as a superhero (as it is seen that the main emphasis was placed on this). At the same time I am not sure that even fans of such games should play it, because they will not see anything new. But If for you it is not in principle, you can try.