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Microsoft from Deutsch
I came across "June" in search of a new Game for the Kids and was thrilled, because you can play the Game three or four. So far, the two Kids (4 and 7 Years old) had a lot of Fun with Lego Harry Potter, but by now the first Part had come to The end through and at the second close, so something new had to come. STORY: To second/dritt/4 you have to go through the Levels to free Players or Disneyland visitors caught at the End. The Costume of the Freed can then be unlocked and then used as a Character itself. For this purpose, the In-game currency is used, which you have to collect together in the Levels, just like the "Studs" at the Lego Games. There are six different Disney worlds (Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion King, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Wall-E and Monster AG), divided into three levels each, each with three Sections each. At the End of each third Section, a Guest to be freed will appear. ATMOSPHERE (Grafik/Sound): The individual Worlds are beautifully Constructed and have puzzles adapted to the individual worlds (which pose no Problems to a experienced player!), which bring the Atmosphere to the individual Worlds well. As an Example, in the Pirates of the Caribbean, there is a "Zombietrank," which turns the Player into a Zombie, allowing him to walk underwater and "breathe," on Land it cannot jump in this Form. The Graphics are simple and thematically colorful and shrill. The Music is greasy, the Sounds funny to atmospheric – a little annoying in the Long run, but overall very coherent. The Mood is constantly kept Going by the Players ' Opponent, who keeps handing out Curses and other nasty Surprises that players can pass on to both Opponents and other Players. STEUERUNG/GAMEPLAY: The Control is simple and easy to learn. The two Children (as I said: 4 and 7 Years old) had no Problems with it. However, the Controls cannot be configured. We played three, which was absolutely no Problem (the Kids with Controllers, me at the Keyboard). There is no Split-screen, so all Players should stay as close as possible, which is complicated by the Fact that players can also beat each other – this leads to both annoying Tantrums and lossy retaliatory Actions. LÄNGE: After 11 Hours now, the Kids and I have played almost all The levels once, but about Half of the Costumes still have to be played. To the Levels: To create the three Sections that make up a Level, you need in about 20 to 30 Minutes. FAZIT: The Kids loved the Game from the first Minute. And that I was also able to play, of course, made it a shared Experience. In some Places the Game is sometimes very hectic, so you should be able to estimate how many Levels the Kids can expect. I have proposed in the Sale for 10 Euros – an absolute Buy recommendation! For the 20 Euros, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to wait or not. But if it is to be played with Children – they will thank it! Did You like the Review? At GERMAN REVIEWS there is a growing Database with even more German-language Reviews of many Games, created by Gamers for Gamers!