Disneyland Adventures reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Edit: This is an Addendum to my original Review. I was able to solve the original Problems. The Game is now running smoothly with me. Still, I would at least like to share my Knowledge of how I was able to solve the Problems. The constant Crashes were produced by Windows 10 and not by the Game itself. This one only suffered from it. In external Forums, I got the Tip to disable the Superfetch Service in Win 10 because it leads to high CPU utilization on many Systems. If Win 10 believes there is not enough Memory available, then this Service starts a background process that compresses the Data in Memory. Since I disable the Superfetch Service, the Game no longer crashes and even some other Programs (such as Gimp) run much more fluently. It's a Mystery to me what Microsoft rates as enough Memory. My 16GB was apparently not sufficient. Probably one is more likely to aim at TB Sizes. The Problem with the Gamepads was due to a new Standard called X-Input. This must be supported By a Gamepad in order to be functional in this Game. There is a Third-party Tool called "Xbox 360 Controller Emulator," with which you can make some older Gamepads compatible on the software side. With my two Gamepads, however, Force Feedback didn't work. So I bought a new one. Soon I will be able to open a Gamepad Exhibition here. xD I find that such Information is included in the System Requirements when certain newer standards are preceded. So I can recommend the Game now, if only to a limited extent. So more for People who don't shy away from tinkering around at their Win 10, problems should arise. Original Review: Unfortunately, I can't give this Game a Thumbs up. Unfortunately because it's actually a nice Game. If you get it started and it also runs for a While. Aside from a Bow with high Detail that ensures a glow effect stretches fog like at visitors ' Head height, the Graphics are very pretty. The Events are Also well done and the Music contributes very well to the Ambience. Actually, a great Game. But! It is constantly crashing with a wide variety of Error Messages. Times Windows 10 reports that the Application has tried to write in a protected Area of Memory. Another Time, Windows reports that the Graphics Card Driver has been terminated because the Application is no longer responsive, etc. My two Gamepads, which are different Ages and from different Manufacturers, are also not supported. The Joysticks, as well as the Control cross, have no Function and as soon as I press a Button, the Screen turns black and switched off. Then all that remains Is to drive down WIndows in The Blind Flight. Interestingly, I could Play with the old Graphics Card Driver for at least 15-30 Minutes. With the latest I can be glad to get the Score Loaded at all. The Game, when I get it started, runs on medium Details liquid and on high almost liquid. Only where there are many Visitors does it come to stutter briefly. I've played far more elaborate Games, both graphically and CPU-heavy. Most of the Time they ran smoothly only with low Details, but they ran stable. This Game here runs with medium Details fluid, but not stable. Every few Minutes-Crash. That's why I can't recommend this Game at the moment. Hopefully there will be some Patches/Updates soon. Finally, the Error Messages are sent to Both Microsoft, Steam and AMD. Why Steam? Because the Game also tears the Steam Client with it in the event of a Crash and then does a Self-examination the next Start.