Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
For children from 6 to 14 years maximum. Positioned as a puzzle, but where I personally did not notice. At the same time, the game is a terrible interface and it is decent buggy... The Idea of collecting transport from the trash is a great idea. And Besides, this idea is not yet stopped. But the implementation is disgusting! Do not buy in any way, and if somewhere would get the keys, then give them to the enemies as punishment.
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Microsoft from Spain
Product received for free Indie with a lot of intension to prosper, at first I was difficult to maintain the progress of the levels but as it is given a little time and effort turns out to be an easy and short game. I was very attracted by the small number of achievements that you have but you steal some accounts hours to get them and even seem to become impossible to solve, you have to be very attentive second to second and remember every part of the game to complete them all. Still My rating is not the best, I would give a 4/10.
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Microsoft from French
OU fell off a cliff? No problem, the amazing invention of doc clock, a time-travel machine, will save you from this fake-step in no time. The premise of this humorous game is the following: you have to travel in time and battle with the robots that are out of whack while doc clock tries to save his beloved cat and invent the most perfect toaster. Indeed, rather than go back in time to save his cat, he finds himself projected into a future where humans are no longer welcome. Even worse, his time machine is broken, he can now only go back in time for a few seconds. To survive in this hostile environment, he will have to use ingenuity. To do this, he will have to recover different parts using his articulated arm, which he can then use to build bridges or even vehicles. The whole game revolves around this mechanics and on the possibility of going back in time if one commits a mistake. Each of the twelve tables is therefore a puzzle in itself and must be completed to allow the player to move on to the next. The only attraction to return to a previous table is to collect bonus items. If the concept is interesting on paper, it is unfortunately frustrating in reality, due to a poor collision system. Building structures or vehicles is unnecessarily complicated. The hero is by no means athletic, he moves also very slowly, climbs obstacles difficult and can not jump. And since it is possible to make puzzles without having the right solution, the game does not allow us to feel smart and to live up to doc clock. Positives: + some sympathetic humor tips + interesting vehicle creation system + attractive artistic direction negative points:-poorly implemented main game mechanics-unnecessarily complicated keyboard/mouse controls- Rather high learning curve