Don't open the doors! reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Oh, my head!.. You Shouldn't have listened to that nasty cat-caress. "Come on, one more mushroom, they are harmless and nutritious." Nutritious-yes, but not harmless! And How to explain the fact that the blue trees are talking to me, purple mushrooms-overgrown, yes beetles... Hate bugs! * Swaying, getting up * well, okay. While people in white coats have not come after me, it is necessary to find out what this buggy world wants from me, and with it my, without any doubt, sick imagination. HMM, what? The Doors appeared from the air and from them the evil cacti, yes pumpkin? Guys, I thought it was all right for your world. No? The Doors lead to other worlds, and their inhabitants dragged all that is not screwed to the floor? Oh, I shouldn't have read Stephen King's Dark Tower for the night, please! Okay, So What do you want me to do? Kill all who stand in my way and blow up the main door? Um, did you ever think about talking to these guys? All the same now in the world everything solves the Diplo... No? All right, all right, don't look at me like you're going to bite! You just tell me where the dichlorophos and the lawn shears Are? What's that for? I Must fight with the enemies. Hammer? Ho-ho-ho! Hulk, beat!.. Uh, sorry, it's from another opera. That's About the first impressions when you run this game. These, and still nostalgia for the wonderful toy "Neverhood", warmly favorite author of the lines. And at first, nothing heralds troubles, especially considering the fact that the first quest was to become the last one for our hero, but here's the trouble, the local bad guy took the day off and lets us go with the world, even lets climb the dungeon and gives useful advice. It would Seem to be better, but no. The Gameplay is very fast to eat, and how can it be otherwise, if the game has no interesting combos, no variety of weapons, and all that you have, so it is a hammer, which must beat the enemy in advance? Otherwise, the opponents will be you, or you have to run away, if there is such a possibility, or die if you are surrounded on all sides. On the easy level of complexity is more democratic, but not that much. No, of course, there is a firearm, but once you get it, you will encounter two "Ma-A-scarlet" problems-a crooked sight and a small amount of ammunition. In The first case, half of the shots flies not where you aim, and go to milk. In The second case, "cartridges" are not sold from merchants and the only way to get them-to run on the map and kill cacti, but Vykorchyvat corn. But Even so cartridges O-O-very little and therefore you will use the flamethrower only closer to the end of the game-on the flying boss, yes bees. These are pies, with Maljuskami. Next are quests. At First, everything is really rosy and carefree, the first twenty minutes, but then they all become boring and uninteresting-go and kill/go and bring. In Order to somehow brighten up the situation, humor came to help. And I will say at once, jokes and really good, but the problem is that they do not go far, if the gameplay begins to evoke boredom. The Situation could save the mini-games, well, or some remote quizzes, but alas, it's all deaf. Also could help the world, if it looked and really madly and grotesquely, the benefit of plasticine only contributes to it, but alas. Bees, beetles, spiders and men, except that not with yellow skin, frequent guests of similar games and perhaps I will say a terrible thing, but the need to resort to Plasticine to create this game was not. This looks like a backcatcher, no more. Total? I deeply respect the creative people who do something with their hands, I like experimenting with genres and non-standard games/movies/cartoons. But here in front of us enough monotonous game, albeit with cute graphics and high-quality humor, but monotonous. And having passed it there will be no feeling of deep satisfaction, rather a feeling of nostalgia on "Neerhood'u"... Should I Go over? 4 out of 10 revived carrots P.S. Thank you JJsmall for the gift. Who knew the toy wouldn't shoot.