Door Kickers: Action Squad reviews

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Product received for free Early Access Review Rainbow Six Siege in almost completely different. If You are interested in further Quality Reviews, you will find more in our Review Program []. General: In Door Kickers: Action Squad, the Player in the Role of a heavily armed Police officer works alone or with another Person through the Rooms of various demarcated Buildings, turning off Opponents of different Classes and rescuing them Hostages, defuse Bombs or apprehends special Enemies. The Player has various Classes, a whole Range of Weapons as well as genre-like Aids such as glare and smoke Grenades. While you can probably complete all Levels within 3 To four hours, the Game lives in particular from addressing the perfectionist in the Player who wants to rescue all Hostages and eliminate all Opponents quickly. Gameplay: Good: Coop mode with another Person – offline and online. Control relatively easy to learn, even for an eventual Unskilled Coop partner. Different Classes with different Weapons. Pretty and sensibly furnished Buildings that allow different Strategies at least to the extent that most Rooms can be entered from multiple Sides or through Discs. Good Feeling when you clean several Rooms one by one without problems. Certain Tactical Depth by "Earning" new Grenades, Armor and first aid boxes by shutting out and rescuing Hostages. All Levels stand out from each other. They represent different Scenarios from Airports to subway Stations and Apartment Buildings to entire Trains. Bad: Boredom, the Character climbs up a Ladder without the Player wanting to. If you Play the same Class in the Coop, both Characters look the same, which is why Confusion is constantly Occurring. Coop brings very limited Benefits to the Game. All Levels are also easy to do on their own. Since the Level Of difficulty does not increase with several Players, it is easier to play alone than with an unskilled Player while it becomes significantly too easy with a capable Player. The Camera doesn't share, which is why both Players always have to be close together. If a Player dies, a perfect Rating is no longer attainable, although the Revival Feature, for example, aims to ensure that even a Player can die. Some Weapons and Items are clearly better than others. Likewise, in my View, the first two Characters are significantly better than the other two. In particular, an Assault rifle is Able to easily shoot over the Hostage, which simplifies many Situations. If you have finished the Halves of the Game, no more Things are unlocked – but this may change with the complete Release. Technology: Good: Stylish Graphics. Furnishings, Elevators and Facades fit in well with each other. Pretty Backgrounds, some with animated Parts. Good Background Music, but none of such Quality that it stays in your Mind after Playing. Fill their Task. Bad: No different Graphics For Equipping different Weapons of the same Genus. That is, all assault Rifle looks identical. This makes the Confusion In The Coop even worse, and the Purchase of New weapons does not bring any visible Added value. Smoke animation very unsightly. In addition, it is difficult to estimate how large the covered Area is. Partly unclear from when you still damage from an exploding Barrel or a Suicide Bomber and from when not. Grenades do not always behave logically and intelligibly for the Player. Physics lenses such as Corpses or first aid cases do not behave physically correctly. Before the Conclusion, I would like to praise the fact that the Developers are acting very close to the community, especially now during the early access Period. Conclusion: I have noted various comparisons Of Door Kickers: Action Squad with Rainbow Six Siege and do not consider this Comparison to be steadfast. For This, Action Squad still lacks some of the playful Depth and the Extra Fends of a Collaboration between several Players. As An Action Game, by means that the Player with a Shotgun, Assault rifle and Bet shield cleans one Room at a time and has to use certain tactical Strategies in order not to turn off the Hostage or to turn himself off, Action Squad is a lot of Fun. The Goal to complete all Levels with perfect Rating depends like a Carrot in front of a Pig in front of the Player and motivates for about ten hours. Ten Hours of Core Playing time plus a few more To introduce a few friends to the Game seems to me to be a 12 Euros perfectly acceptable.