Drawn: The Painted Tower reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Game rating: 5/10 Playing Time: About 4 hours (for the first Pass) Summary: + Collectible cards + beautiful graphics + atmospheric Music +/-mostly slight Puzzles +/-no German Translation on Steam +/-Hil-/typing function only inaccurate; Tips act like an additional Puzzle +/-No adjustable Difficulty levels-loading Screens after Scene changes-No solution information targets for Mini-games-Problems with Steam Overlay-Crashes about 5 Within 4 Hours (Game afterwards cannot be revived Start; Still Running as a Background process and needs to be closed via Taskmanager)-various Problems in the Initial Scene (Asynchronicity between Image and sound, Blackscreen, frozen Screen) Comment: Beautiful Graphics, beautiful Music, loading Screens and technical Problems, that's what's likely to Await you at Drawn: The Painted Tower –. I have "probably" deliberately highlighted, because at least the technical Problems can be influenced in part by adapted gambling Behaviour. To add up to my Introductory Set: On my first Run, I was in Despair. The Game crashed, graphics errors appeared, it jerked And to top it All off, the Loading Screens further spoiled my Mood after each Change of Scene. Later, I gave the Game another Chance. And lo and behold, the whole Haunt was suddenly over. What had happened? The first Time I had made frequent Use of the Steam Overlay and was kicked out from time to time. Drawn does not appear to be 100% compatible with the Steam Overlay and/or is sensitive to robes. As soon as I got a Hint from the Steam Overlay (News of Friends, achievements received), there was always a Shadow left in the Game. This one didn't go away until I switched to the Overlay for a short time. Soon after, it started jerking, Graphic Errors popped up And eventually the Game crashed. In itself, Drawn is not a bad Game. Graphics and Music are beautiful and what makes this Game so important. But also what is the only thing that really really stands out in a positive way. The Story is not special but fine. At the Beginning, we take on the Role of an unnamed Hero and learn nothing about it in the Future. Our only Goal is to work us through the Tower and free Iris. The Degree of difficulty is between light and medium. Wanted Items are very well integrated into the Scenes and are therefore not always easy to spot. The Mini-games are easy When you know which solution goal is being pursued. Since there are no Solution instructions in the Mini-games, that is where the Challenge lies. I wrestled with myself for a long time how to evaluate this Game. Many Players may not have heard of The Incompatibility with the Overlay. And it's a Mistake, because you can avoid adjusting your Playing Behavior. But I've decided for myself that I can't just see over it when I know he's there. Also, I should probably be able to expect some Compatibility with Steam from a game that will be released on Steam. (At least I think so ... In my naive way.) In View of the Ratio of positive, neutral and negative Points, I have decided, with a heavy Heart, not to make a Recommendation to the Game for the Full Price. Finally, a few Words on the Achievements: These are more demanding than in other Games of this Kind. The Game must be played at least twice. The Emphasis here is on at least. Some Mini-games need to be skipped. Some need to be resolved in a certain Amount of Time or in as few Moves as possible. The Solution time or the permitted Error Rate is usually quite narrow. Conclusion: I cannot recommend this Game for the Full Price. Drawn: The Painted Tower is a beautiful, lightweight game that captivates with its beautiful Graphics and Music. The Story is rather flat and can be summed up quickly: Try to save Iris. As inconspicuous and little memorable as the Story, the charging Screens, on the other hand, were all the More striking. There is Also the Incompatibility with the Steam Overlay, which can be felt. Buy the Game on offer for half Price or less if you don't mind any potential Game errors. As a personal Tip from me, I strongly urge you not to use the Steam Overlay Ingame and not to leave it.