Games for Dreamcast

Dreamcast is the fifth and the last home video game console made by Sega. It was released only four years after the launch of the previous Sega console, Saturn. The system was more affordable than its predecessor, had a unique gamepad that drastically differed from other consoles’ controllers and offered numerous features that were considered to be ahead of its time. It became the first console with a pre-build modem and supported online multiplayer in certain titles such as Phantasy Star Online. The Dreamcast controller included an analog stick, a D-pad, four face buttons, and two analog triggers. Its most notable feature was the Visual Memory Unit that could be inserted in the gamepad and served as a small additional monochrome screen and a memory card. Additionally, the VMU had its control elements and could pay some mini-games depending on which game files it had. The game library of Dreamcast is frequently praised for numerous critically-acclaimed installments in Sega’s classic game series, as well as its unique and innovative titles from both Sega and third-party developers.