Duke Nukem Forever reviews

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Microsoft from Spain
It is a game with a very special humor, which will make all the fans of Duke Nukem laugh and enjoy themselves. There is no need to think about the time that has elapsed since your first 3D delivery, if not in the fun moments that will make you spend. It could be said that it is a game of montn, but for the faithful followers of this character like me, we will continue to have a good time as always. And to those who have never played. FOR THIS PRICE YOU SHOULD PROVE IT, GIVE IT AN OPPORTUNITY AND AFTER PLAY THE LEGENDARY "DUKE NUKEM 3D".
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Microsoft from French
Although having the Duke spirit, the progress of the game makes me think furiously Half life 2, another game I loved. Graphically pleasing, wink of winks (someone noticed the top spinning constantly on a desk at the bar Duke?) And quite diverse (search path, driving vehicles, shooting ...) All with a good length of games for those seeking to discover what increases the ego points and other mini games. I do not put 5 because I can not test the multi mode, not seeing anyone else connect ... Too bad, the fun of some levels could have made the parties several very joussivent. I do not understand why it does not work when I want to use the game browser ...
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Microsoft from Deutsch
I was looking forward to the game, because I was a DN fan before and especially since I do not have the fastest Internet connection ... Game flow is good and there are variety, especially since the interactions are fun. But thinking that this game had so much development time, I thought it more. I do not want to say that the playing time is too short! It would be nice to hear the original voice, as the voice actor of "Bruce Willis" is unfortunately reminiscent of "Bruce Willis", not of Duke. In addition, this game is a real shooting game, so to all who expect more than rumgeballe, I recommend here to other games. There are some riddles available, but these are usually solved quickly, except when one belongs to the bloody beggars of games. Let us now turn to the graphic. This looks really good, but I expected more from my rMBP with 2.6 ghz. I play on 1440x900, FXAA, Vert. Sync., Special effects on, texture and shadows on Ultra and lo and behold, the frame rate is not very fluid. It can be played, but not liquid. Have then FXAA and special effects off, then it works again very liquid. So you should already have a better hardware so that you can play it with good graphics. My conclusion: Good game with funny interactions, an inappropriate synchronization to Duke and high demands on the hardware lead me to 4 stars.

15 years we waited for this.

15. YEARS.

And when it finally came out....it was a 15-year-old game.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»