Dungeon Hunter 5 - Multiplayer RPG on iOS reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
This game has insane graphics for a mobile game and the basic fighting mechanics makes it really fun to play. However, it is very unfortunate when it comes to gear progression which is the games biggest let down. You get the best gear from opening boxes which costs diamonds that you get by playing a level for the first time or paying real money. Once you open a box you will get a weapon or armor piece that will never get replaced. This makes it so that you will only upgrade and change abilities while never changing gear, something I really disliked. The level progression feels like a never ending play through which never increases in difficulty. The game will only be challenging when you go to expert levels or epic levels, but that’s only available after doing all levels on normal and hard first... which means you will need to play through the entire game 2x before it getting challenging. I played to level 30 in 3 days, had like 5k power rating, never changed armor or weapon after opening 2 boxes. Don’t play this game.
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Microsoft from French
Seriously, I don't get some complaints... It is EXCELLENT this game... A moment ago I think, must stop exaggerating and keep your feet on the ground... Go and see what is done elsewhere... of the auto play (personal, it gives me a bit of the sheaf, no interest to me... This is serious?? ... Nan, it's no longer video games, no more sensation), graphics well below what we have there, pay to win that points the tip of his nose far too fast, much more limited content... In short, Dungeon Hunter 5 is not of those there, and even reconciled with the genre... Redoing the levels is even a pleasure... Since it's really cool to play, fluid. For once, I want to be patient to evolve and become very powerful... It was a good loooooooonnnngtime that it hadn't happened to me. He's one of the best in the store, really. It would be a shame to be missing. After, as you like. A huge thank you to the developers for this work done. It is really nice this game, there is no problem to say that it is the console quality... Here is true. Cool.
Translated by
Microsoft from Dutch
Unfortunately, a good game like Dungeon Hunter 1 or 2 will no longer come. Since Part 3, the DH series has been ruined by the Gemsysteem. Potions on? Buy new with real money. In This Part a potion costs 7 gems, while you pay for 20 gems €9.99. A potion will cost you almost four euros! Absurd! I must honestly admit that the item system is nice. Upgrading your items and minions is very addictive, but since your money, inventory and gems are very limited, it will cost you money to get somewhere in this game. Besides the high cost, the game is again very linear. Go from A to B and defeat someone. What a pity. Part 1 and 2 were still fairly free-roaming, items dropped enough, as well as money and potions. The Dungeon Hunter Series is ruined by the gem system which you see nowadays more and more at this type of games. Very disappointing. I prefer to pay once twenty euros, then I have to count hundreds of euros for a pay-to-win game like this. Chance once again missed Gameloft! Disgusting cash-grab. They've already removed their one-time pay games from the AppStore. Sad company with only dollar signs in their eyes.