Dungeons Of Kremlin: Remastered reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Nostalgia is a rotten thing. Because It makes everything look better. And good things and not much. The Original "Dungeons of the Kremlin" was not a very good game. But They certainly were better than the misunderstanding that was released now as a Remaster. First of all, of course, it seems good. You are greeted by such a cheerful techno-mix on the original music theme and a pretty good drawn picture with kind of like the main character... Truth, what he holds in his hands seems not particularly meaningful, but not the essence. And then you notice the sad strangeness. For starters, instead of a vigorous fire-bolt, the bow from which our hero shoots like a paralytic. But All right, you think it's not a problem, originality. But more. Soon you notice that the game has no Lecchilok! At that in the original buckets with live water and plates with a good porridge littered literally at every step. At the same time the enemies are many and they sometimes appear at all do not understand where, because the Levle-design is arranged by the Devil knows how. But everywhere scattered and killed enemies are poured... Gold! I do not know if the game is not anywhere vending machines like in "Blake Stone" or traders who have this gold can buy something, and it is stupid for points, then the razslaves can just immediately take and fall asleep all this gold to yourself in one place (whence it may be and poured out). But you can collect some stupid red bags! By their location I first decided that it is extra. Life. But No, it's not them and they're not in the way. When you die: What happens pretty quickly and almost inevitably, you are only offered to return to the main menu and start over. No "Convenient rep" as in the original. I've seen it in a coffin. Realistically, there is not even say: "Why you complain in the original was better" when the original was not so. If people in the past, did everything, despite the more primitive technologies, better, more convenient and more logical than you, then just do not get you into all this remetyvorstvo, please! It's not even the complexity that makes everything more fun, on the contrary, more boring and nasty. In the end, everything could be done more interesting, somehow really enrich this game. Can introduce demonic deputies or a mission to kill vampires from Žrika as Madd suggested or something else. But No. Instead, there aren't even any funny entries like "Bass! A little more than that! " Well, who needs it? It is Better real, if you want to play "Russian Doom", download, install DOSSKS, do not be lazy to deal with it and play there in the original-FREE! And even better to play the real Doom or Volfenstein, it will be more useful experience. Because It's not even "so bad, that's good." It's "So bad, that's disgusting." ADF: Read the comments below. Paid safes are nonsense. And does not undo the rest of my claims.