Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball

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Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball (released in Japan as Softball Tengoku) is a one- or two-player NES video game where players can select various fictional softball players and customize their own team to take to the championship.

Despite the game being a softball game, the rules are more reminiscent of baseball with the exception of each game played to a maximum of 7 innings (unless extras are needed to break a tie). Players can choose to play either "fast pitch" or "slow pitch" and assemble their teams from 60 characters some of whom with noticeable trademarks. for instance:

  • Diablo: looks like the devil bats with a club but runs very slowly.
  • Zelda: looks like a witch bats with a mop.
  • Mike: skips as he runs.
  • Binky: Has the ability to float while playing defense.

The game features 6 different "arenas" to play each with their own features and ground rules:

  • Sandlot: Based on a traditional sandlot the field has areas with high grass and rocks with can interfere with a live play. To hit a home run the player only has to hit a ball over the "home run line" not beyond the fence.
  • Park: the area beyond the home run line has several park benches are trash cans with can interfere with the play.
  • Cliff: The smallest field. any ball that rolls under the picket fence in right field is a ground rule double.
  • School: Based on a schoolyard. a home run is scored if a ball goes over the home run line, but if it breaks a window on the school's building it's an automatic out.
  • Island: similar to a professional field, there are 2 small lakes in foul territory which are out of play.
  • Professional (in 2-player mode only): standard field.

Players may also choose their team name from a list of 25 names each from a different letter of the alphabet (I does not have a team):

The game also features a mercy rule, with the game ending if someone leads by 10 or more runs after an entire inning is played.

Release date
Tose Co.
Brøderbund, Tonkin House
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for NES

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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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