Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition reviews

A rare game where I wish I played on an easier difficulty. It takes too long to kill enemies with melee. I don’t understand why. I don’t remember the story. I do remember the map being great and the atmosphere being great. I think they give you the grapple a bit too late though and you should get more weapon upgrades throughout. Maybe I missed something and didn’t play this game right. This game looked good for its time. The movement was very fun. The night sections were also particularly exciting.

Final Score: A-
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Microsoft from Deutsch
--Game — Dying Light---Price-☑ Is worth the full Price! * Wait for Sale! * Free! If possible, Return it! * Don'T buy! --Graphics-"VERY Bad" OK ☑ Good ☑ Fantastic--Requirements--* suitable For any System! • Bad PC ☑ Medium PC ☑ Good PC * high-end PC---Player-* For everyone (0-99) * Young People (0-14), ☑ adults (18 +)----Difficulty-☑ Easy to learn, Hard to master ☑ Medium-Hardcore---Länge--"Very short (0-2 Hours)" Short. " 2-8 hours) * Some Hours (8-12 hours) ☑ Long (12 + Hours)-"Infinitely--Story-*" No * Some Errors (disrupt d as Game events a bit!) • Small Errors (don't disturb the Gameplay!) ☑ Flaw-free-Facit--Dying Light Is one of the best Zombie Games I've been able to play so far. This Fact is based on many Aspects, such as an extremely well-functioning parking Transport System and an exciting History. It is also highly recommended to play the Game with one or more Friends!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
What's the best way to start? A Better Dead Island Riptide. What DI should have been: R. Playful Depth or a Top Story probably doesn't expect anyone here. It is what it is. Zombie Nets wrapped in an Anderson Resident Evil Story. Pro: + The 3 Talent Trees last Until the End. You really only learn the last Skills at a close, unless you have landered hardcor-wise before. You never felt the Need to roam through the Story now because you can do anything. + Soundtrack is top. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxEmlSpOyn4 The Sounds of the Monsters, however, have taken them 1:1 from Dead Island. + Compared to Dead Island, the Opponents behaved quite smartly. Especially at Night, the Limits are quickly shown to you. + The Challenges you meet are quite a lot of Fun. When I think of Farcry 3, the here really Top Notch are. Only the Headshot Challenge they could have given themselves. :P Kontra:-At the Latest from Level 18 you are extremely overpowert and woven. Almost wins the Opponents. Balance looks different. -The Be The Zombie Mode is a Joke. Does your Opponent have the Shotgun and meet you you are dead. The Nighthunter is extremely underpowered. In the Game itself, you can also only laugh at Nighthunter Invasions. What a pity. -Replay Value moves between 0 and below. After you're through there's nothing more to do. No new Quests. Better Weapons are farmninto or the Money for them is not Necessary. One is already unrestrained overpowert anyway. Towards the End I had a 3000 Damage weapon with Modifications. Everyone, no matter what Opponent, was dead with an uncharged Punch. Even the Nigh-thunder. -The ' Final Boss ' ... Cush consists of A B Y X X A. Worst. Ending. Mechanic. Ever. Quicktime Events at the Final Boss, man. However, If you see the Ascent to the Final Boss as a Boss fight, it fits again. That was quite heavy and annoying, what one would expect from an Final Boss fight. You don't see a real Ending either. Crane stops on the Island ... Great Sausage. So an Ending looks different. Unsatisfactory. All in all, I don't regret buying it, though. At Dead Island Riptide, I was almost tempted to request a Refund. That was really a bad Game. I played through with all The Sidequests In about 70 Hours. "★" ★ "
Five Word Review: Best of the zombie genre.
Favorite Thing: The free running is so smooth, it's a blast.
Least Favorite Thing: Lockpicking and looting. They waste so very much time yet are completely necessary.

Date Completed: 2018-03-03
Playtime: 29h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: Absolutely.