Bomberman (1983)

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Bomberman (ボンバーマン, Bonbāman, also known as Dyna Blaster in Europe) is a strategic, maze-based video game franchise originally developed by Hudson Soft and currently owned by Konami. The original game was published in 1983 and new games have been published at irregular intervals ever since. Today, Bomberman has featured in over 70 different games on numerous platforms (including all Nintendo platforms save for the 3DS and Wii U. One was planned for the 3DS, but was later cancelled), as well as several anime and manga. This franchise is one of the most commercially successful of all time. At the Nintendo Switch Presentation on January 13, 2017, Super Bomberman R was announced as a Nintendo Switch launch title.

Release date
Konami Digital Entertainment
Interplay Entertainment
Hudson Soft
Ubisoft Entertainment, SEGA, Nintendo, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Konami, Atlus, Interplay Productions, Virgin Interactive, HUDSON SOFT
Age rating
Not rated

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Bomberman (1983) reviews and comments

Fun! Not world-breaking by today's standards but pretty fun nonetheless.
You play as a bomber-boy bombing some bad balloons that pop YOU. Something makes me think this game is set in Soviet Russia.
The gameplay loop is pretty simple: Look at bloon. Can you put a bomb that will bomb it? No? Bomb wall instead. If not get out of bomb way, bomb break you. That's what they say at least. Simple.

You'd think that'd get boring fast, and you'd be right. But here's the bomb; you can upgrade your bomb to make it bombastically more bombastic.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 0
No, really, what even is going on here? Why is he dressed like that? Why are the balloons sentient and some even actively follow you and BREAK you? Why is he dressed like that? And most importantly, why is he dressed like that? Wait, I think I repeated myself somewhere.

Gameplay: 37
BOOOOOOOOOOOM BABYYYYY! Solid. Solid in fragments.

Graphics: 5
Not too impressive but it's stylized and pretty cute.

Sound/Music: 0
I can't hear anything anymore so I'll just give it a zero.

That leaves this game absolutely POPPIN' with... Uh... Math is hard, man, let's round it up to 40. No, wait, 45. Yeah, 45. Plus 2. Right, 47. Wait that doesn't sound right. Let's remove 3 out of that 47. That'd be... 44. Minus 2. 44 minus 2 is.. Uhhh... 42.
42 out of 400! I should play some math games.
«Blew my mind»
Gameplay 6/10. Graphics 5/10. Soundtrack 4/10. Storyline 5/10. OVERALL 5.0/10. (A 5.0)
«Reviewers bribed»
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