EAE 6320 Perosonal Project - Xbox input

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How to set up the project:

  • Unzip the Project
  • Put the projects in their respective locations and add the required property sheets as per the requirements in previous assignments.
  • Add "Graphics" and "Results" as references to the CInput library.
  • Add the required paths to the lua file you might create in the AssetBuildFunctions.lua file and AssetsToBuild.lua.
    • Add this to wherever you would like to include the XBox input library I have created(preferably in CbApplication and CMyGame).
    • This is how you create an instance of the class, and below specified is the Lua file format(if using my project, please contact me so I can give you updated file formats for Input Mappings)
    • Right now, Rumble can be bound to A, B, X or Y.
    • Inside cMygame.cpp's UpdateBasedOnInput(), add this to the very bottom of the method:
    • To get input from the triggers(which I am currently using to zoom the camera in and out), you can use code like so:

    where "cameraSpeedIncreaseFactor" is the speed multiplier that the camera will move at, "isKeyPressed" is a bool that returns true or false based on the button state, and "CInput::CButtons::BUTTON" is an enum of buttons tied to every single button on the controller.

    • To get input along the sticks, you can use something along the lines of: 

    Along with all of these methods, there are some helper methods: 

    Along with all of this, each controller needs to have an update() method, which I call in cbApplication.cpp's "UpdateUntilExit()" function like so:

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