Eagle Island Twist

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Embark on a whimsical adventure across a lovingly-crafted island of mystery!
As Fia and Kusako, brave the island of Yulu’s dangers to restore an ancient artifact and seal a dark doppelganger you mistakenly unleash. Soar through crisp, expressive pixel art in this hand-crafted platformer that features bright palettes and layered backgrounds.
• Cast your owl companion as a projectile to defeat enemies and collect coins, seeds, and manaroc.
• Fly through 45 stages that homage influential retro classics in both visuals and gameplay.
• Traverse a 16-bit era world map and choose from casual to more difficult routes. Revisit levels to discover hidden collectables and secret areas.
• Gather green gems and trade for magical feathers—like the golden Lumara form, which sends Kusako rebounding off surfaces at the speed of light!
• Obtain runestones to diversify your game play, from the high-damage Iron Beak to the far-flinging Spring Jump.
• Meet fearsome enemies, solve engaging puzzles, and battle massive bosses.
Additional Features
That’s not all though, loads of different gameplay options keep the action going:
• Rogue Mode - Flirt with permadeath in unlockable challenge maps.
• Weekly Speedruns - Compete with your friends and climb the leaderboard.
• Create and share exciting moments via the in-game GIF capture option.
• Soundtrack available now on Spotify!
• Award-winning accessibility features. No matter how you play, we’ve got a spot for you.
• Choose an entirely separate adventure as Quill and Koji in the updated Eagle Island classic to stop the terrifying Guardian Eagle Armaura and rescue Koji’s brother, Ichiro.
• Owners of the original game receive Twist! for free!

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Last Modified: Nov 4, 2022

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