Early Boat Gets the Fish

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A little something I did on my own for LD41! It's not as polished as I would've liked, but I'm pretty happy with the result. This was my first time participating in a jam without a team so ... I tried my best!

The resolution messes itself up very often! If possible, do not manually resize the window (you can change the size in the config menu) or try to go into fullscreen (that will probably not work)

I'm really busy right now, but I'd like to update it and fix some weird bugs in the next few days before my (temporal) game maker 2 studio license expires (haha ...)

It's for 1-2 players, with sweet splitscreen action! Since I didn't have time to add a proper tutorial screen, you'll have to bear with this:

  • To catch small fish (the ones that swim in groups) and underwater item boxes, use the net. First, press the "NET" button to release the net into the sea. When you catch something, it'll show a "!" symbol. Reel back the net by pressing the button again to pick it up! But make sure the net doesn't crash into anything, or it'll break and become unavaliable for a few seconds.
  • To catch big fish (the big, round shadows) use the crane. First, drive up to a fish and then press the "CATCH FISH" button. Then a short fishing minigame will begin. Push in the opposite direction of the fish to reel it back, and make sure it doesn't break the line in the process!
  • Avoid sharks. No, you can't fish them. Yet, anyways.
  • Once you have a good ammount of fish, bring it back to the starting line to score points! If you don't deliver it before the FRESH timer runs out, you'll lose it! You have until the main game timer runs out to hoard as many fish as you possibly can.
  • And by the way, don't try going backwards, smartass. The currrent will push you in the right direction.

Yes, I know many sounds are missing. Yes, the background music is Kevin MacLeod's. I made everything else tho!

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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