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Skill Shooting vs Battle Puzzle Elemental Story (hereinafter referred to as Erest) utilizes the characteristics of smartphones,

An RPG that supports real-time battles and cooperative play that anyone can play easily.

By rearranging the tiles with your fingers in time, you can perform multiple skills (special moves) at the same time, so it's a game that's refreshing and can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people.

The quest, which is a feature of Erest, rearranges the 30 pieces on the screen into U-shapes, crosses, etc., aligns the pieces according to the specified shape of the monster's abilities, such as special abilities and recovery, and defeats the enemy .

Since the position where the piece can be placed differs depending on the obstacles in the mission, choosing a monster with the appropriate skill is key to strategy.

In addition to going it alone, you can also play real-time one-on-one battles with players across the country, and cooperative play where you can play up to four people at once with friends and close third parties.

You can enjoy it not only as a game, but also as a communication tool.

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