Elyse the Devil reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Elise the Devil developed by Dieselmine and released by SakuraGame. If you want to play Elise, it's best to organize the FSK 18 Patch. The Game is without Fun, but if you are honest, you get such a Game rather because of the non-youth-free scenes. I at least used the Patch and therefore refer to the Patched Game. Story After you, the Devil Of Iblis, have been defeated by the Hero and his Entourage, you take on human Form. As Elise, you now sense revenge, but above all you are looking for a Way to regain your Powers. So you set out to find the Hero and walk through some of your old Subordinates, who, however, no longer listen to weak people. Over Time, other female Characters join you and so your little Troupe grows. At the same time, the Action always remains very straightforward. Gameplay is Controlled with either Mouse or Keyboard, whereby I would recommend keyboard. With the Arrow Keys, you walk and navigate through Menus. With Enter, it is confirmed or continued to flick in the Menus while with Escape it is blown back or canceled. On the Maps there are then different Objects and Figures to interact with As well as memory Crystals that heal you and also ask if you want to save. However, You can secure your Playing Status anywhere. Monsters randomly show up and also instantly engage you in battle. This one is completely turn-based. You can always choose between normal Attack, Spells and special Abilities, with both consuming Mana, as well as using Items. All in all, a very classic RPG, which relies on old reinforces and implements this quite well. Man levelt quite quickly, which keeps the Fun Of Playing and yet has demanding Fights, especially against the Bosses. If you lose to one, you will also be presented with a Half-Renaissance Scene. This usually consists of 5 or more images and a Lot of Text. Graphics & Sound The Hentai Pictures are all pretty good And there are something for different Preferences. It is also very chic that the Armor of our Main Character Visibly breaks with increasing damage. Otherwise, the Game still offers a chic Character and Opponent Design. The Setting I thought Was surprisingly good, especially the Theme tune. However, the Characters are not set to music, only in the FSK 18 Scenes there is something to hear. Conclusion A good RPG that I would recommend to anyone who likes the Genre. However, You should be able to do something with sexual Content, or at least have no Problem with it. In my Eyes, While Melty'S Quest Is clearly the better Game of its Kind, Elise is entertaining and fun. In addition, the Price is quite ok at around €2 and it is also regularly on sale (now just for 80 Cents). So it's worth a Look and if you'Re interested in Melty'S Quest Then take a look at my Review of this Game. If the Review has helped you fall then follow our Review Program and if you want to tell me something about this Review then he likes to write in the Comments.