Emergency Robot Simulator reviews

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Microsoft from Russian
Emergency Robot Simulator-robot bot Simulator. Wow, Cool! The First thing I thought of was. It's gotta come up, Robot Bot simulator! Probably, there are a lot of missions interesting, pumping a robot, improving armor and various tricks of mine with a tree leveling skills and interesting puzzles with clipping wires. What A Dick! The Idea for the game is excellent, the implementation is simply terrible. You will only be disheartened and frustrated. The First mission begins with a dialogue between the two ministers of order, although there is no hint that they are the employees of the bodies, but I want to believe it. Otherwise, who else will exploit the robot? It is Doubtful that these are amateurs from the circle of Science. So, the mission is to find a radioactive cloud, but not one, but three things. So Nifiga to yourself, we have a robot-minesweeper is also a stalker seasoned. Well, okay, anything happens, maybe a leak on a nuclear plant or a man-made catastrophe, although in the old time it was cheaper to send the Zeks than a robot. We Ride we mean and look for clouds radioactive, they can be defined when the Geiger counter starts to kick, and the monitor screen flicker. It's weird, because we're seeing a robot from the back, not through the camera. We Have hints at the bottom of the screen, first you need to measure the background of radiation, and then there is a hint with the spraying of a special substance to suppress the background radiation. Fantastic course, but allowed. And so we have done three times, to find radioactive places is not so difficult, the main thing to recharge our robot from stationary charging points. Speaking of the robot, he has no indicators of life, only the indicator of battery charge, the charge is spent even when just so stand, slowly, but decreases. It is also possible to be blown up by mines, but they are very noticeable and can be neutralized. Back to the missions, after we cleaned up 3 clouds with background activity The mission does not end, it just continues and we are given the second. I.E. There are no saves, no choice of levels, no opportunity to somehow continue the game from another mission. It is a bit frustrating, but not as the fact that the second mission gives us the task of "sprinkle solution in the source of radiation." That'S a surprise, it turns out we had to in the first mission just to find the radiation and leave it, but did not sprayed the substance in it, although the hint straight asked for it. It is Good that the places with radiation more than 3, personally I counted 6, straight up to finish the second mission, it was rather boring to cut circles on annoying location. I will not talk About the third mission, but I would like to hint that it is absolutely fantastic. Who wants to experience all the pain and frustration that I experienced, buy the game, but I would not advise. Graphics to tighten up would not hurt, the game resembles the location of the first half-life. Yes, and the contrast to raise, or too gloomy all around. Objects are poorly drawn in places, sometimes the robot rests on a nonexistent barrier, although it can be seen that up to the wall is almost a meter. Crude game with poor optimization, and sorry, the idea was great. I climbed to the third floor of the building and jumped the robot down, you know what happened? Nothing, just as if on a hovercraft descended, even the sound of landing was not. Oh, someone's been really lazy. One location and silly tasks, the game is absolutely not worth the money. Read more quality reviews in the TOP Review group Subscribe to curators