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Enter a new world where you can BATTLE YOUR FRIENDS TO THE DEATH, or team up with them TO TAKE DOWN A FOE. In this new game made by Lilkkgoog, you can battle on 5 different maps in which you unlock them slowly. To win you have to get your enemies health down to zero, how do you do that you may ask? By driving them into the wall of course. Or you can go into the single-player mode to break targets.

The Game Will Contain:
-5 Maps At Launch
-Up To Four Players At A Time
-Controller Support
-Monthly Updates Ranging From A New Map To A New System

Controller Support Details:
-If you have a windows OS you can plug in an Xbox controller and have players 2-4 play
-You will need to have player 1 use the keyboard and mouse to navigate the menus

-This Game Is Only Available In English(For Now)
Release date
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: 7-10
  • Storage: 293.2 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: May be able to run game with 32 bit windows os
  • OS: 7-10
  • Storage: 293.2 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: May be able to run game with 32 bit windows os
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Last Modified: Aug 23, 2019

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Endersite reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Fomá Akvilsky (aka Thomas Aquilat, Tomas Aquanath, lat. Thomas Aquinas, Ital. Tommaso d'Aquino; Born around 1225, the castle of Rockazekca, near Akvino-died on March 7, 1274, the monastery of Fossanuova, near Rome)-an Italian philosopher and theologian, canonized by the Catholic Church as a saint, a systematics of orthodox scholasties, a teacher of the church, Doctor Angelicus, Doctor Universalis, "princeps philosophorum" ("Prince of Philosophers"), founder of the Tomism, member of the Order of the Dominicans; Since 1879 was recognized as the most authoritative Catholic religious philosopher, who tied Christian dogma (in particular, the ideas of Augustine the Blessed) with Aristotle'S philosophy. He Formulated five proofs of God's existence. Recognizing the relative autonomy of natural existence and the human mind, he argued that nature ends in grace, reason — in faith, philosophical cognition, and natural theology based on the analogy of being — in the supernatural Revelation.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
PENETRATE THE SPIRIT OF BALL BATTLES! Endersite-A game about the epic Battle of small balls able to move, jump, use the ability, simply speaking DOMINATE! If you think that having passed all the mortal combatants this will help you in this game-you are deeply mistaken. In this game unique gameplay, invented by the developer of a small indie studio. Indie Games is probably the only direction in the game-making capable of making a radical change in the old pesky chips. FEATURES of the GAME:-18 missions, 3 huge campaigns-take part in the battle of the ruthless spherical fighters, from his garden to space spaces! -You are in the thick of combat against advanced artificial intelligence-balls, each bot has its own unique feature. Someone is very strong and fast, someone who gives respect to one's view, and someone just Einstein compared to you! -Become a leader, show your power in the game with your friends through a hot-screen or local network internet! -Feel the full power of three kilos Iron-destroy your enemies with their mass, or cunning, destroy enemies, crush the beetles-open all the possibilities of his formidable ball! -Popular multiplayer mode ' ' Conquest ' ' with a special team strategy that uses the advantages of different types of balls! -Download additional missions, maps, balls from the internet! -The Game is free, it allows any person, regardless of wealth and his free means to feel the real battle of insensitive steel balls! -Monthly Free official updates from the developer of this undoubtedly the main game of the XXI century! Conclusion: Everyone should try this masterpiece! Without it, gamers all over the world would be empty as my pocket without money! Hurry up! The Game is absolutely free, there is no in-game purchases for real money! Donate your money to the developer! Now He is working on the game in the sweat of the face on one only enthusiasm! Suddenly the game is removed from all the stores of digital distribution for its steepness? Suddenly The Steam Shop is afraid of competition? DOWNLOAD NOW IN ALL ADVANCED STORES!
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