Enemy Front reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Negative I can not recommended this game because there is too much problem to settle... (I will not talk about the multi which is empty) To start the reload animations or to throw a grenade or to climb use an object are horribly long! Not to mention the reload that only works when the last animation frames run. (Which will cause you to die every time.) AI: I don't understand. The game by the moment this wants to be stealth OK why not but explained to me how to do? By the time the AI is completely ABUSING, see you through the walls, pulls no matter how and by the time you pass before it and nothing, no problem? What for? The AI pulls through the walls also for a reason that escapes me it touches me every time, while in the opposite direction it is impossible. Not to mention the enemies that hides in front of you to be covered, at times they are lost spinning in circles without dying... Graphics: it's beautiful, without too much loss of FPS per moment it is rather well optimize but for those who plays ultra like me it is very complicated I explain: at the moment there are screens of smoking and it is cassiment impossible to see the enemy so normally the e frenemy shouldn't see me either, while he can. The story: still a game that goes on during one of the world wars, classic except that this shot if we play a journalist/writer who tries to help as he can the allies.... Hahaha helped.... Is he doing all the Taff? x) the Alliers block behind a door that simply opens objectives:... Very very simple objective, defend a point, attack another place or destroy a tank by looking for a solution, turn in the map find a rocket launcher by chance after 5 mn of research and finally destroy the tank, well on the enemies around it spawn has infinity for fun. At times there are secondary goals completely... No? Use a cannon and destroy planes that spawn infinity.... Save a resistant from the claws of ' enemies ' who sometimes is alone without the slightest enemy around for an unknown reason as well as other useless goal whose game can this pass or then bring a PLUS to the game? A little more for loading times in the form of cinematic sympatia other bug: passing by a "bot"/ally pushes you, makes you cross the wall and kills you. Enemies invinsible by time that they have not finished their annimations. The horrible reload bug... The logic of the game: a Molotov cocktail destroys a tank, an anti-tank missile too... A simple COCKTAIL! Why do you break your feet with C4 or other explosive? As in every game now items collected without a story that adds nothing to the story for the pleasure of having a success and added the life span to the game. "Drawings" on walls also is... New? Without the bugs this game would be pretty good see even very good!