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Enoch: Underground

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The battle was lost ages ago and now the barren ruins hold nothing but echoes of once great civilization. Amidst the dust, few that remain are still clinging to their existence, far beyond the point where they could be called human. But the hope still lingers. On the outskirts of the forgotten city, a lone soul awakens from millennial slumber. Lost and forgotten, he finds himself in catacombs and now his way lies through the treacherous ruins to the very heart of it. Enoch – Underground is a roguelike action-RPG title set in an ancient city destroyed long time ago. The player takes control of the awakened – one of the few survivors left in the city. Without goal and without memories he starts his way through the ruins striving to find his place in this hostile world. The gameplay is based on classic roguelike RPGs with such features as procedurally assembled environments, precise battle system and generous loot, but makes accessibility a staple of game’s design. The character progression is entirely loot-based, eliminating the need for complex character menus while retaining flexibility and customization options. Each weapon type has unique stats and attack patterns, armor can provide additional protection and sometimes valuable buffs, trinkets and mutagens allow to change character’s abilities, providing an advantage in combat. Encounters require patience and precision but give just enough room for error to get familiar with enemy’s attack patterns and develop a strategy to withstand them. The game is balanced to be hard but fair so that completing the playthrough gives the sense of achievement while the process of doing so does not feel like a chore. Different weapon types, each with unique attack patterns Powerful artifacts that boost player stats or provide new skills Varied environments and enemies Precise, dynamic combat system Unlockable characters and challenges for even greater variety Deadly environmental traps that you can turn to your advantage Devastating special attacks and skills
Unwhale Studio
Unwhale Studio
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: 7 (64 bit) +
  • Processor: Core i5 3570 3,4GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX770
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 7 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Integrated
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Enoch: Underground reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
I Rarely leave reviews, but it is a pity. I'm a fan of hardokrnyh games like sauces, etc., that's what I want to say on the product. Just for Cons: 1) short, for 500 rubles, too short, full cleanup + all secrets are passed for 6 hours at the first pass, the second I think more than 4 hours do not spend-it's really not enough. 2) Hardcore-it is not, pomer-all the Shmoje which has opened remains with you, start from the beginning of level, but all cuts remain open, that is moment of a shuttle does not arise. 3) 4 Kinds of monsters TOTAL! Is that understood? Man, Mutant, Spider and-* type bosses *. Speaking of bosses, the shuttle is only on the final and that, because from it in essence will dodge difficult enough because of the curve mechanics. All the rest-ordinary ordinary rivals. 4) Shmot, loot is tied to the location, you can not find something cool secret before you get it, the level of monsters = level of armor in the Sundkuh. In fact armor here as such is not. There Is no Levelapa in the Persian. That is, you just walk and chop monsters without any interest. Then They can just run around, washed away no fight at all. In the store from the first location appears top armor, but-needless to pefc the head to buy you can not-Denezhek is not enough, and in the PEFC chapter, it is not necessary especially. 5) Boevka-here in general I honestly did not understand anything, I have all the game went on one hit STRONG, just beat the monster, go, again, we're done. And so with each monster, they just do not have time to answer. To Perish here it is possible only by dullness, there is an Achivka to die 25 times, it is as crooked it is necessary to play to receive it,---in general to die, because it is difficult or it is necessary to look for approach to enemies-it will not turn out, we die only in case of curves of fingers! In general it looks like a quick craft, about the plot I generally do not, even if it is-it is not disclosed here and especially it is not necessary, the meaning of the game is not on the plot. If you finish the game, namely 1) ADD secrets, really add rather than 1-2 to all levels, add armor, really add-not 2-3 new sticks. 2) Add Well at least 10 more locations, raise the game at least until 10-12 hours 3) Add monsters and make interesting bosses 4) Remove the loophole of STRONG impact, otherwise fight is not interesting. By the Way, there is no need for a roll. 5) Well and I would like to develop a system of rolleki that it was interesting to look for Shmot, to open secrets, etc.-and so far it turns out that the secret is a cheap stick, and the top armor just lies among the room-it makes you sad. 1 Golem of 10 locations
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