EquiMagic - Galashow of Horses reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
I can only recommend this Game! I would like to explain why I like this Game in my Review. First, you can buy (if you have enough Money) Accessories in the Shop for the Horse and for the Rider, with which you can equip both. And secondly, you can repeat the Galashows at any time. This makes money that allows you to buy a new Horse or a lot of Food without getting broke, for example. Once you've done all The Galashows, you can make yourself "self-employed" by repeating (as I said before) repeating the Galashows and making a lot of Money. But If you have already played through everything, you can get bored after a while, because there are no more Missions except to occupy yourself, which is actually not such a big Problem. The Graphics are very good, all The horses are beautifully represented and the Environment is beautiful, especially when you switch to the 1St-person view. The Game is mainly something for Horse fans (like all other Horse Games), but even me as a "normal" player has really thrilled this Game and is very varied.
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Microsoft from Russian
"EquiMagic-Galashow of Horses" Virtual Pet + performances in arenas in festive shows with the participation of horses. We Buy horses, train, take care of them, dress up and act in festive shows. Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG10eULaB2U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0Utdf3PqFA The Main part of the gameplay we will take care and train. Horses need to be fed, cleaned, washed, combed mane, walk in the woods, teach various movements and types of gait (Alljuram). For a successful performance in the show must buy a horse of a certain breed, teach her the required movements, dress up in the appropriate suit. Rider's Outfit should also correspond to the theme of the performance, otherwise the performance will give less points. The performances resemble the arcade, which must either go, trying to get into the spotlight, or press the buttons with numbers at a certain point. The Show takes place under incendiary music, and the horse itself allocates various tricks, demonstrating its graciness and learned Alljury. It Looks very impressive. It is a Pity, the music is only in the show, and in the game it is practically not. The gameplay has sound effects, but very lacking background melodies! A Simple, addictive, casual game for kids and horse lovers. Especially like the girls. The game has a lot of different accessories and clothes. You can dress up your character and horses for the most glamorous show! Caring for virtual pets addictive and soothing. Time flies by while you feed, clean and teach these graceful animals various tricks. Of the Cons: Too tedious training at the beginning of the game, not enough background music, there are typos in the texts. You can read other reviews and subscribe to our curators. Welcome! 5 minutes of game