European Fishing reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
So, fishing. Simulator... What? Fisherman? No. Fishing? Also not quite... More like a bait simulator. Although Perhaps it is an aquarium simulator, it is difficult to say with full confidence. So. The game has two modes: a shuttle and a free game. What are they different from each other? I don't understand. And There is nothing happening there, nothing is required and nothing is offered. Different swimming waters. But There is no difference in them. Fish are the same everywhere. 4 species of fish. 2 3D models. One model for Pike, the other for everything else. 2 fishing line, boat, 2 or 3 bait-wobbler (from reservoir depends). Will start you on a boat, in some place reservoir. You Can sail somewhere, you can just start catching where you are. The Boat deserves a separate story. Awesome Management. Forward and backward perform the functions of gas and reverse, but with the right-left everything is much more cunning. They not only turn the boat in the appropriate direction, but also accelerate it, and where the quality of the propeller. So It is possible with the motor off to disperse so that in the end can jump out of the water and fly to all the checks on the shore. Original Technical Solution. Well, you have reached that point very small, it is necessary to notice, reservoir where have decided to catch. Click on 2 and go to the fishing attack mode. Then Twist your head and click the mouse in the desired direction. Dotted you draw a parabolic line and... Guess what'S next?! Not. No guessing. The Camera flies under the water, positioned on some distance from the bait and you watch as the fish float past it. If you float, of course. Then went simulator life bait in the aquarium. You are blunt in the screen under the music and observe the underwater life of fish and algae. Fish stubbornly ignore your bait, though swim near as dumplings in a saucepan. But here, one of them goes crazy and grabs the bait. You see a red stripe with a green area in the middle. Press the right mouse button, the cursor moves to the right to the red zone, press left, the cursor leaves to the left. By simple manipulations under disturbing music we reduce meter to 0 and get sign with poorly drawn low-poly copy of the model of caught fish with indication of its name, weight and length. All. There is nothing More in the game. You can repeat the procedure there, you can move to another place. There's no Difference. You were shown a die with a fish file and everything. The game is nothing. There is no Gameplay in essence, there is no Russian localization, there is no interest. And Although I bought a discount game in a small price, even these 20 spent rubles pathetic. Graphics 6/10 Gameplay 0/10 Sound 5/10 Localization 0/10 Plot 0/10