Eventide 2: The Sorcerers Mirror reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Eventide 2: The Sorcerers Mirror Genre: Casual Games, Adventure, Hidden Objects Developers: The House of Fables Publisher: Artifex Mundi We are dealing with a Hidden Object game that Strikes a balance of Puzzles and Hidden Object Scenes (in The Called WBS for a Short time. The Latter are extraordinarily beautiful and clearly designed, so that the Objects are easily recognizable. In Addition to the simple Objects, there are on the one hand those that have to be combined with others, on the other hand, there are also demountable Objects. Unlike other Games, no WBS repeats itself, meaning you only visit each Scene once. The Puzzles in themselves are too simple, and they are already known from the Publisher's other Games. The Paths in the Game are quite short, as after new Areas that are entered, the previous ones close. So you never really have to use the Card with the Fast Travel Function. Furthermore, there are collectibles in the Form of Mirrors and goblin cards, which can be easily recognized thanks to the good Graphics and actually do not miss if you look around a little more closely. Graphically, it's a Treat for its Genre, which sometimes seems like an Oil Painting. The Scenes are, even outside the WBS, detailed and lovingly designed. People seem alive, and proper Setting has also been Placed in importance. The musical Accompaniment goes well with the Game and is light enough not to disturb. The Story is conclusive and quite thrillingly staged. The final Battle, in which you avoid magical Projectiles and sort magic Symbols in alternation, is a successful Change from the otherwise passive Video Sequences in other Games. An Innovation is also that one has to make moral Decisions in 5 Key Scenes, which at the End of the Game has an Effect on the Fate of The persons concerned. The Idea itself is wonderful, unfortunately it was not implemented as perfectly as one would have liked, as it does not change the actual End. In Short: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821737957 + Beautiful, as painted In Oil graphic + Clears, detailed Drawn Hidden Object images + Exciting, Conclusive Plot + Objects easy to spot + Influence decisions Fate Single-Puzzles too simple and already known from many Games-Must be played for Achievements 2 Times (be sure to note last Box)-Very short (3-4 Hours for two Passes)-No Bonus Chapter conclusion: I can definitely recommend the Game as it is despite the k urching Playing Time is very nice and I enjoyed It. However, I would advise buying it on Offer as it offers too little Game time For full Price compared to previous Games. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For Achievement Hunters The Game is quite simple as far as achievements are concerned. There is an Expert Mode, but it is not required for any Achievement. 28 of the 30 Achievements are easy to obtain. This includes the two you get for the Collectibles (Mirrors and Goblin Cards). However, you should always look closely before continuing, as the Way Back is permanently closed as soon as you get into new Areas. The "Bookworm" Success requires you to look at all the notes in the Game. This includes Signs and the like. I advise you to click on all Pages in Books every Time they open. The last and at the same time only intricate success is "Weise Choice," which demands to play the Game again and make other Decisions. He's to blame for playing through Game 6 (in Words: Six) times to get him (yes, I know, but I desperately wanted all the Successes). Here is the Solution: Very important: Do not finish The Game, but start the second Pass directly from the Main Menu. That's The only way you can definitely get the Success. To be absolutely sure, you should choose the Decisions of one Side and the other In the two Passes.