EvilMorph reviews

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Microsoft from Russian
More reviews on my official site: Reviews from Mad4Cookie [doggamingsite.wordpress.com] This is the second project from the Russian developers ClickGames, as well as its predecessor-the game just explodes your "Pukan". The Plot, if of course it bothers you in the pukanripping game, quite interesting. You are a sorcerer in the power of which to reincarnate in any killed creature. Well, as usual, in front of us a maze full of dangerous traps capable of destroying our main character at once. One hit-Start the level again. Does it remind you of Anything? Oh Yes, here it is a long-awaited sequel to Super Meat Boy, only from our twin brothers, which is very happy. As explained to me by the developer himself, all in the game 40 levels and at the end of each dozen waiting for the boss. I passed all 9 and could not pass the boss, my Pukan was ready to explode in a second. And What was my surprise when I learned that the first 10 stages serves as a self-made tutorial, and the tin itself begins after the first boss... I'm a Lousy hardcore!!! Through the first 9 levels and losing 190 lives, I realized one simple truth... Run me good old Mario, though somewhere I will be good. As For the enemies in the game, you will be able to kill each of them and take its shape with its strong and weak characteristics. That is, at the 9 stage to pass the level not reincarnated as a knight with a shield, as for me, just unreal, it is the shield will protect you from fire shots of guns and arrows in the back of the skeleton. And watching the trailer for the game saw that in the future can be reincarnated into a bat, Spearman and a whole bunch of other creatures. This concept art is quite new and very original made. Each new Trap is simply unique and does not repeat the previous, which makes your cold miscalculation simply unreal. As for me here can only help a good reaction and unreal luck in the timings. Graphically the game resembles the good old "SEGA" game. The Graphics are best suited to such a robotic gameplay. The Only thing I regret is that the blood disappears after the restart of the level, here would be a very big nostalgia with the Supermitfight. Although the game is not so big, as the time of passage, and on the scale, but the drawing of all the characters and levels is just perfect, my praise to the author of the project. Music and sound is not very important in such games, but it did not disappoint, rather dynamic music, which heats up the intensity of passions. At the end of the review would like to list the pros and cons of the project. Pros: + Powerful hardcore game + a Large variety of traps and enemies + an Interesting concept with the reincarnation of the Enemy + the Presence of a plot that will open only at the end of the game + Nice graphics and music components Cons:-Through Chur many Hardcore (personally for me) EvilMorph-great hardcore action from Russian developers. My only minus I have mooked personally from myself, as I just started to tear the Pukan only on the first ten levels. So I think it even praised the developer;) Rated 8.5 out of 10. More Reviews in our curator group: Dreams of Genesis Also Join our VK group, where we hold straights and all kinds of contests [vk.com]