Evoland Legendary Edition reviews

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Product received for free Back to the .. Whatever Evoland Legendary Edition is simply a Complete Package with both Evoland titles. EInzelnt are no longer worth it on Steam. But I have written a Review separately for each Title, which you can see here: Evoland 1 Evoland 2 Since the two Reviews actually say Everything, I only tear out the most Important thing here. Gameplay Both Games build on evolving. So you start with 8bit as a Graphic, then 16bit and finally with a 3D Graphics. However, not only do we unlock other Views, but the Gameplay is constantly changing. While the first Part is still heavily focused on "The Legend of Zelda" and "Final Fantasy," the second Part relies on a very high Versatility. Quite honestly, there were so different Styles of play that just always surprised me: RPGs, Platformer and Many more that I don't want to mention here. While "Evoland I" still has a very short Playing time and a very annoying Final boss, the second Part has a large Game world that has 3 Dimensions and has been assembled very complex. Story The Story of the first Part is very weak and very simple with a Hero who is simply supposed to save the World. But for that, it drift with References to other Video Games. The second Part does, of course, but a real little universe has been created here, the Characters have more Character and the Dialogues are pretty cleverly written. I had to laugh a lot with my Companion while Playing, because a lot of Things seem nonsensical, but in The End I really do have something! Since the second Part is much larger, there were of course many more stupid Possibilities for the Developers to incorporate "eccentric" Character. So The Humor is writ large in the Game! Graphicat/Sound One of the great Features is probably the Complexity of the Graphics. In the first Part, you unlock even more isolated Things like "Anti-Aliasing" or "16bit music," which of course contributes to Entertainment. Otherwise, the 3D Graphics bothered me a bit, because it was quite angular and already looked very simple. However, this has been significantly improved in the second Part. Musically, both Games are absolutely top and bring back the Music as 90s kids still know them in these Games. Verdict "Evoland Legendary Edition" is a simple Toiling together of the two Titles. As the Owner of both Games, I received the Legendary Edition for free, but this makes little Difference to me, except that I can write a new Review. I can absolutely recommend the Package, but would start with the second Part, as it is simply more mature. If you like the second Part, you can play the first Game as a small Bonus! Whether it's 8bit, 16bit or Drawing Board, I'm writing a Review of it. For More of the same, you can look here.