Evolution Planet: Gold Edition reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is available for €1.24to and the Price is definitely worth it. You rarely find a Pearl on Steam, the Game belongs to all Cases for me. Game Principle is simple. You put a cute Animal on the Pitch per Round. 3 same Animals on adjacent Fields yields 1 Animal of the next Evolutionary Stage and is correspondingly stronger and eats smaller Animals of the Opponent on adjacent Fields. Next there are many Points for reaching the strong Animals such as Dinosaurs etc. There is a Campaign Mode and an Endless Game. In The Endless Game you just have to persevere and make sure that you always have free Fields to place your own Animals. In the Campaign, you always face new Tasks that you have to create. Opposing Animals, maximum Number of Animals or Trains and sometimes a Time Limit make life difficult for You. Ideal for in between or even to search for. The individual Levels sometimes have it right in them. P.S. Hillsides after a good 15 Hours in total and determined 2-3 Hours alone for Level 60 since, in case anyone manages, please provide a quick Guide on how to get the fat Toad away from the Middle To me:)
Translated by
Microsoft from French
It's a match-3 "triple town" to summarize it has 3 strengths that I will detail a little: its realization, its variety, it is a pay to play (and not pay to win). ---The goals change from the usual gameplay (which is to optimize your movements to make the most evolved element of the game). For example, you will have to kill a certain number of Ennemis, issue one of our creatures or make a certain number of critters. Nothing revolutionary but it creates diversity in the gameplay at low cost. There are different modes, such as the time trial: completing goals in a timely fashion. I'm less of a fan of this mode. This is typically the kind of game or we like to pose and play without putting pressure. The watch mode comes to break this tranquility while it does not bring much to the gameplay if it is unnecessary stress. The progression is done on a classic map, typical of this kind of games as can be seen everywhere on mobile games or Facebook. The system of gems to collect for bonuses in the game is not too restrictive especially thanks to the bonus levels that allow to collect a lot at one time. I have not seen a shop to buy gems with cash (I may have passed by), I imagine that explains the abundance of gems that can be collected in game. In short the levels are varied, the realization is good, the scoring is correct. So certainly it remains a match-3 casual and it may be 1 euro or 2 euro too expensive for this reason. But I have no reason not to recommend this game since it is well realized and not binding.