Expeditions: Conquistador reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Very Role-playing Game with partial pretty Graphics, in German (but partly with untranslated Texts) with very sophisticated tactical and administrative part. Malls me somehow of Baldurs Gate 2, only with Spaniards in the Middle Ages and the Caribbean (Hispaniola or Cuba) or South America (where they brought the "Savages" closer to the true Faith and Blessings of "Civilization") and something more fluid and often surprising ( Common). I am excited by the Possibility of not necessarily having to behave like an A # r # sch (Murderer and Or Robber) as a conqueror! Whether this is possible, however, is already strongly related to the Composition of the Expedition, because each Participant has its own History and also nasty Character Traits (Racist, believer (Catholic presumably) etc.). After all, the Game is set at a Time when there were still Slaves (in fact, there are still, only better hidden:(). This supports the Troop leader, who unfortunately does not have an Avatar, with Skills (Tactics, Diplomatic, Herbalism (Medicine), Hunters etc. The Gameplay was a bit bumpy at the Beginning, but is now going quite well. What is difficult is the Fights, which from time to time are really unfair and hard to win. Luckily, there are autamic Intermediate storage;). The Equipment System with quais invisible Equipment is also in need of getting used to, but quite practical, as this allows me to set up my own force of up to 6 Fighters for each combat situation, equipped with all equipment points (no Objects!) Should be. Equipment points can be bought in the few Towns and Villages and paid for with Either gold or Medicine. Medicine can be made in the Evening in the warehouse from the herbs collected during the Trip (green Columns in the Landscape). Caped Animals (Meat) can be preserved. For this purpose, the Members are used with the appropriate Skills. The callational Research Tree, which is hidden under Tinkering, can also help to make the Journey more remote and motivate the Troupe. For Recreation, People with appropriate Skills are also needed! People can be promoted from time to time, then they get a new Property, as well as 3 freely distributable Points for the stock skills. They should then be specialized after and nahc in order to achieve maximum Effectiveness when exercising them! In Particular, the Security Guards and the Clientors are to be mentioned! The Guards can prevent Or stop trouble (Raids or Raids by Locals). If Necessary, we must also fight. This happens on 3d hexfields (good old:)) with quite pretty Graphics. It is important to pay attention to the Abilities of the opponent, how many times have I cursed about the fucking casual attack, since I have again forgotten to use my own sneak skill (which not everyone has). Even the Accuracy Of the Shooters leaves it difficult to wish (luckily the Opponents also like to shoot from 2m next to it:)). The Quests are feasible and provide Experience Points with which the Troupe can be gradually improved. It runs stable on the whole, but sometimes crashes! Especially if you want to go to the Menu from the Fight, for example to finish the Game or load a Score! So, that was the first Impression, later more.