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Process 90 91 !  I was expecting you, 
because you are so foolish.

You could have died a beautiful death!
You could have left this world with dignity...
but you choose infinite suffering! YOU SHALL BURN ! Your damn rebellion ends here! I think there is no need to tell you, that your PR0X (your virtual character) is absolutely not welcome in this dark version of cyberspace. Some guidance can be deceitful and corrupting. Some places are psychedelic, it playes with glitches, it's an orgasm of shaders and effects.

EXsynchronos is the final episode of the meloveyou trilogy. If you haven't played the first two EPs, then NO WORRIES... start with EXsynchronos. For the case your interested in EP1&2, you find them here: 


If this is your first time trying one of my games, let me kindly warn you, that my content is experimental, rough and scratchy, challenging and definitely not everybodys darling. 

Please don't expect an easy or generic "Man vs Machine" fairytale. It's rather cosmic than grounded. Also Zero01, your helping AI, only knows what i wanted her to know. Gameplay slightly changes as your PR0X gets transformed and upgraded by progress... DevNULL_DecompilerGuns inclusive 😎. Find out what you're supposed to do by collecting corrupted data cubes.

If your more into great scifi or disneylike tron stuff, you probably end up disappointed when playing this. Views and beliefs could be offending. I just want you to know, that it's not my intent to hurt anyone. Characters and their beliefs are pure fiction.

IndieGame INSIDE, no AAA, it's mostly just me creating it all, with a little help from friends who keep it all going, remind me to eat, or kick my ass to keep me sane. 
>>> The game got tested a lot but it might still have some flaws. <<<

Please forgive me then. Critical bugs will be fixed as soon as reported. Have some fun puzzling and fighting through this creepy version of cyberspace. The production took me over a year now but it was your support that kept me motivated.
Thank you for that. Really: THANK YOU!
In case you'll donate a few bucks >May the❤ be with you forever
greetings and best regards,  Rod a.k.a. Ravee

Recommended Hardware
- Multicore CPU min. 3Ghz (Intel / AMD)
- 1.1 Gb of HDD / SSD free Space
- min. 8 Gb RAM
- 3D GraphicsHardware (Nvidia/AMD) min. 2 Gb Vram
Tested successfully with: Nvidia 960gtx, 970, 980ti, 1080
and Radeon RX480 - 590

LINUX and MacOS Version are coming this week!
Any questions or technical problems? 
Fastest way to contact me: via Twitter  or via Tumblr
For news about my current & upcoming games follow me on Twitter

No DEMO, no Alpha or STEAMpreview, you get the Full Version of EXSYNCHRONOS and it's Updates right here on this page and only here on ITCH.IO !! 

Release date
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Mar 12, 2021

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