Extreme Exorcism reviews

Extreme Exorcism is a nifty little indie action/arena battler where you kill ghosts regarding around one main gimmick - there's not really AI as such, (aside from evil haunted chairs in the first rounds and in a few specific challenges) instead these ghosts just copy your actions 1:1 from the previous round, including all movements and attacks. Doesn't sound too difficult on the face of it, but it can get a little chaotic as the past incarnations of you start to build up.

Essentially, the game is played in rapid-fire rounds which end when you kill your ghost from the previous round, marked with a crown. You can kill the other ghosts too, but it's typically a waste of time in the main game. That's essentially the gist of it - arena battlers like this tend to live or die based on the strengths or weaknesses of control fluidity and weapon variety, and Extreme Exorcism has an acceptable amount of both, I suppose.

It also strikes the Single Player/Multiplayer balance pretty well - I'm fine with games that are either 100% one or the other like a committed party game or a story driven single player game. When you try to completely half-ass shoehorn a crappy multiplayer mode into an SP focused game (Red Dead Redemption) or the other way around (the weird Mario Party single player campaigns) that starts to annoy me.

Extreme Exorcism avoids that - the campaign is acceptable whether you play it single player or co-op and there's competitive for the multiplayer side and challenge mode for the single player side to balance it all out. Kudos for that, but I've gotta dock at least a little bit for shafting the long distance crowd on any type of online capability.

Certainly not anything to write home about, but it's a fun way to kill a few hours.
«Better with friends»