F4_32 (Connect4): unpublished version of a famous table game!

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F4_32 (32-bit version of "Connect4"): Who does not know or have never played to "connect4", the well-known board game in which a player can win by placing the pieces on the game board, and forming groups of 4 elements in horizontal, vertical or diagonal? Since there are several versions of this game, I decided to develop my program, introducing some variations:
- Possibility to lengthen and / or widen the board from a minimum of 4x4 elements up to a maximum of 10x20 elements.
- Possibility to fight against the computer, choosing the level of difficulty: when you play against the computer, his ability may surprise you!
- Possibility to play in two (as if it were a board game).
- Possibility to make the computer play against itself to get a game preview.
- Ability to enlarge / reduce the game screen automatically when the size of the game board decreases / increases.
- Possibility to choose between two graphic resolutions (320x200 Pixel or 640x400 Pixel).
- Ability to control the game with the mouse and / or keyboard (in the two - player mode one user can use the mouse and the other the keyboard).

All of this is in addition to eye-catching graphics and to "MIDI" type instrumental music. Why not try this game and add this game to your collection? Otherwise you can download the free demo for
play in two (as if it were a board game). Good fun!
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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