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Fable Rush-"three-in-a-row" toy and, what is important, without donation. Gameplay As in any other genre, the player does not have to do anything except to combine several identical tiles. As in most 3match, released recently, in Fable Rush there are quests, not doing that, do not finish the level; By type: "Break a certain number of tiles for a certain time/number of moves". Apart from these tasks, during the walks on the location will be given quests from various characters, which in some way or another perform during the passage. For their performance, the player will be gifted with coins, for which he will be able to acquire various skills in-game store, simplifying further passage. We Should not forget about the system of hearts, limiting the number of attempts, but they, as well as abilities, can be purchased for the same in-game currency. And also there is a wheel of fortune, once a day gifted player with various buns. Plot plot-something that differs Fable Rush from most other games 3match, namely its presence. It all Begins with the fact that the magician explains the situation in the cubic Kingdom, after which he called the hero "the only one who is able to stop the vile Kuborkov" and sends it to an unforgettable (for him) adventure, in which the chosen Met a lot of positive and not very characters. Why do I think about Fallout? Graphics graphics in Fable Rush more than pretty-soft, but juicy colors, stylish drawn map, with deliberately "angular" forests, rivers and houses. The Interface is made in the general style of fantasy, and catchy icons of potions and combat skills together with special effects complement the reigning in the game "fabulous" atmosphere, pleasing the eye with bright colors and saturated colors. The playing field of the game is also very well drawn, and as elements used heads of caricature orcs of different colors. It is Nice that they differ not only in color, but also in appearance, shape-that allows you to find successful combinations even faster, and people with a violation of color perception generally play it. Music In which once I write about it, but, as well as in the past reviews, I will tell about it. The game has only one track that gets bored after minutes of 10-15 sessions. Maybe He's not that bad, but he's still getting nauseous. It Remains only to believe that the developer will decide to add 3-4 melodies for a change. Verdict Fabulous Puzzle Fable Rush-a great toy for people of any age, because logic games like almost everyone. Cozy Magic Atmosphere, nice graphics and high level of replay will make You return to it again and again. And also there is no donation from: The Review was written by the curator of the group Reviews Online. If you want to see the rest of the reviews, click ON ME.