Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever reviews

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Microsoft from French
First installment of the saga "Angela", Emily's sister and I discover with slight apprehension. The fashion universe/showbiz/hypocrisy/bun crepage is clearly not my favorite RADIUS I nevertheless surprised to appreciate. Not that the scenario is thrilling, the fact is that it offers varied and enjoyable scenery as Angela climbs the ranks within the show. The + 91 levels (if I'm not mistaken) to the difficulty present with a small mouse extremely well camoufled. You will be asked to choose the outfits created by Angela (3 proposals each time) for each stage of the trip. And the "bonus" levels relating to the creations are original (the cardboard to be moved, avoid the sabotage etc...). The improvements to unlock with the under raised have a real interest (sew faster, store more products...) and thus impact your rhythm. The two helpers * the magician to entertain as well as * the presenter to cash out are a clean investment at each level. The-no mini games within the game and a farming sickening on the end to achieve the last success that requires you to reach a specific level of total points... arrrrg overall satisfied even if the subject does not have my preference.
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History: Fabulous – Angela's Fashion Fever is about the Sister of Emily (Delicious Games). Angela lost Job and Husband, which is why she now works in a little Discount Store of a Friend! But one Day Truly, The famous Fashion Icon, comes to Her Shop and Selects Angela as one of seven Finalists for the Competition! Angela goes to Parties, travels to exciting Places, begins a clandestine Affair and experiences Envy and Intrigue! But Truly hides a Secret that Angela has to find out! Game:-61 time Management levels,-29 Challenges,-Discover the Fashion World between New York, Tokyo, Rio, Milan, Paris and Las Vegas-contains many Awards,-Help Angela design stunning dresses-from the Creators of Emily and the Delicious series-Click Management Fun Conclusion:-The Game is quite designed in itself, but I wasn't quite as enthusiastic about the Story! It is striking just when you have played such games from the same Developers, such as Heart's Medicine! Never Comes off the Story the way it does with Heart's Medicine. -The Levels are constantly repeating and only small Details are added! -I personally Found the design of the Dresses very nice, but these Clothes are also given, so unfortunately you can't design your own Clothes;( But otherwise a nice Idea. -Playing Time is unfortunately not so long, 11 Hours of Play time I personally find something little. -Unfortunately little Video Sequence, would have liked to see more Clips, as with Heart's Medicine! -Levels in themselves are also not really difficult, only Level that caused me some Problems was LVL 58, otherwise quite easy to play. -Repeating the Level also adds the Money, so you could repeat a Level 10x and unlock everything right in the next Country! ;( So Has pros and Cons! If you're into click management games, you can get this Game, but I'll find other GameHouse Games better and more exciting than this one. €12.99I find a good Price, but you could also wait for Discounts! Would still recommend this Game because it is Fun and another Topic. (Fashion) It's addictive and you want to find out what happens at the End:) Predecessor: Fabulous-Angela's Sweet Revenge Successor: Fabulous-Angela's High School Reunion Very Recommendable: Heart's Medicine-Time to Heal Heart's Medicine-Hospital Heat