Faerie Solitaire Harvest (itch) (Puppygames, Subsoap)

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The Linux version is FREE TO DOWNLOAD (gratis) on Linux only! This is for the DRM free version and not the Steam version which can still be purchased for those who prefer to play on Steam.

A relaxing Faerie themed solitaire game for all the family to enjoy


Match cards, rescue Faeries, and raise Magical Pets as you explore the many and vast enchanted worlds of Faerie Solitaire Harvest!

Earn Pure Gold by clearing cards to powerup your adventure. Grow your combo and collect mana for Wild Shards to reach amazing solitaire matching heights.

See the Faerie World with 40 locations, 360 unique layouts, and 32 pets to hatch, evolve, and collect!

Faerie Solitaire Harvest is a match-2 solitaire card game. This means you match two cards of the same value to clear them from the board. King with a King, Ace with an Ace, and so on. Don't let the apparent simplicity fool you, there is still depth, strategy, and luck involved in this game. Faerie Solitaire Harvest is designed to be fun no matter how you choose to play it.

If you've played match-2 solitaires before and were unimpressed, let Faerie Solitaire Harvest be the game to change your mind about how good this kind of game can be!

⭐ 40 locations with beautiful hand-painted backgrounds
⭐ 360 hand crafted solitaire card layouts
⭐ 32 pets to collect each with an evolution and story to share
⭐ Adventure mode where you save the faeries and make new friends
⭐ Quickplay mode to replay locations and earn extra rewards
⭐ New Game + mode with even greater rewards
⭐ 40+ achievements to earn
⭐ Just the right amount of relaxing fun and challenge
⭐ Suitable for all ages

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Last Modified: Apr 26, 2019

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