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Introducing Failticity Plus! A New and Improved Edition of the Original Failticity Experience New Levels,Mechanics,and Ideas come alive in this New Plus Edition of Failticity!

Failticity Plus Changelog:

Update 12/22/2016 - Failticity Plus Details finalized and released Demo 1!
Update 12/22/2016 (2) - Due to Request, Controller Changed from Roller Ball to Cylinder / Can / Demo 2 Released.
Update 12/23/2016 - FPS Update, I think this is the final character controller we will use for Failticity Plus, This is also the same controller the original Failticity used. :P Added 2 levels as well!
Update 12/25/2016 - CHRISTMAS / Winter Update! Added Winter Levels with Christmas Themes! :D

Update 12/26/2016 - Winter Update Fix - Fixed Music Restarting Every time you die, or complete a level. Removed Multiple Music Tracks. Modified Level 3 to ease difficulty.

Update 12/27/2016 - Better Menus Update Part 1 - Added Volume Slider for In-game music! , removed update log.

Update 12/27/2016 (2) - Better Menus Update Part 2 - Finalized Game Menus for now with adjusted text and features, will plan to change later in dev.

Update 12/27/2016 (3) - Better Menus Update Part 3 - Fixed A Bug with "Impossible Jumps" on Level 3.

Update 12/27/2016 (4) - Soundtrack Update - Added Multiple Songs to Game! Note : There is a volume slider on the main menu since the game has a insturmental of a song that may be copyrighted but the slider does it to all of the music and not just that song in particular. Sorry for the inconvience to Streamers and Youtubers.

Update 12/28/2016 - New Year's Update! - 2 New Levels and a Non-Copyrighted Soundtrack! (Check out , they did the music in the game!)

Update 1/2/2017 - Recently I was looking in my files on my pc for Assets for Failticity VR, found a unpublished build of Failticity Plus I was mean't to upload but never did. :/ Here It is tho.

Update 1/19/2017 - It's finally here! Failticity Plus Release 1.0 is Out! Featuring 20 levels of Parkour Excitement for you and your skills to test out! Please Note fewer updates will be out over the future now since the main chunk of this game is finished, bug fixes will come out as with some additional levels. :P

Update 2/1/2017 - Added Support for Linux and Mac! Should Run on Most Modern Systems! Made Failticity Classic Free!

Update 2/5/2017 - Patch 1.0.1 - Fixed Volume Slider on Main Menu and other minor bugs.

Update 2/17/2017 - Final Release - Thanks for All who been in the process of development! it is time to finish things for Failticity Plus and Move on to Failticity Odyssey though and other games. Again Thanks for the Support! + Little Gift Bonus for Completion.

Update 2/18/2017 - Removed Gift Bonus since it was limited time.

Update 4/12/2017 - Temporarily Removed Classic Final Release.

Update 9/17/2017 - I just wanted to say here I am in the works for the last installment of the Failticity Series. More Details Coming Soon. Also Forgot to mention when developing this game... The Music was free to use and I was able to use the soundtrack in the game for free (as long as I given credit and I did). Thank You Everyone for the Support! - RainbowKappa @ FailticityTeam

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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