Fairtravel Battle

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This game is in alpha!

Fairtravel Battle is a fun, cheap, and customizable collectible card game.

  • No microtransactions
  • Earn gold each time you win a game or finish a daily quest, which you can use to buy card packs
  • Earn fame each time you play a game or destroy a card, which you can use to create cards you wish to add to your collection
  • Full Duel mode, where you battle with the entire card set
  • Competitive Duel mode, where you earn prizes after up to 5 victories
  • Sealed mode, where you make one or more decks from card packs, and can earn prizes after up to 5 victories
  • Explorer mode, where you build a deck while playing
  • Custom game modes, where you can change several game rules
  • Play online, in your local network, or solo versus the CPU
  • Play on Windows, Linux, macOS, or Android (iOS to come)
  • Monetization based on buying card sets, rather than card packs
  • Free until finished

We have a Discord server, a Reddit, and a Patreon!

There are also Development builds you can try, if you'd like to try new features while they're in development!


All art is placeholder, and might not fit what you see

Please have some patience while the game is in development. Sometimes bugs will slip past, and might take a while to get fixed.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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