Fallalypse reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review "Fallalypse" is an Unusual mixture of "Tower Defense", survival and action from a third person. Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHGNT77AuUc Game in early access. "Fallalypse" Has a very interesting concept and huge potential, but it is very crude, contains a lot of bugs, some of which are quite critical. So be prepared for a multitude of defects, bugs, and sometimes even departures or hangs. And now to the pros and the gameplay. The game has a great concept. The Main screen shows us a map of the terrain. Here we can place buildings-to create a base that will need to protect from zombies. Next to each building there is a description and a price. The more buildings on your base, the more chances to hold out in the game longer. Next is the screen of the wardrobe. Here You can change the appearance of the character and dress up. The Character in the game is only one. It's a charming cutie! The Parameters of its growth and shape can be changed. Will Add other characters or remain only this beauty, it is difficult to say. There are only two Costumes! The First suit of two things (underwear: t-shirt and panties), it is given to us in the beginning. The Second suit is armor. It consists of 14 items that need to be collected while playing. Parts of the costume are generated randomly on the map, and the mini map is depicted with asterisks. You will Have to play more than one match to collect the complete set. Then Press the button "Play" and begin to survive. It Seems that the game is designed for several players, but I had to run alone. Surviving alone is hard, especially in the beginning. Do not try to protect the only tent from countless zombies, and run and collect bonuses at the edges of the card. The faster you get to the gold and parts of armor, the more time to pick up, while the zombies break your miserable shack. Having Picked Up a little money and having built several tents, you will get more time to collect useful things. This simple way can develop the base at the initial stage. Tactics with the defense of the only tent here is not effective, but the tactic of rapid collection of bonuses is working on cheers. Moreover, the game has not yet finished the attack with melee weapons. Kill a zombie axe or shovel is almost unreal. The Character waving melee weapons, but does not fall on the dead! I hope it will correct first of all, that it was possible to colossus a zombie guitar (as on the initial intro) or to hack axe. A Crude but interesting game with a promising gameplay. When you bring the project to mind, it will be a great multiplayer survival with action and elements of "Tower Defense". If You like games of this genre, you can support the project. You can read other reviews and subscribe to our curators. Welcome! 5 minutes of game