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Fantasy Farming: Orange Season

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Orange Town was once a place with no future. People were moving away with their kids, searching for better places to live and few remained there. One of those kids was Julia, who always dreamt of going back to her hometown. She studied business in college and along with her siblings, went back there with the dream of improving the town so that families no longer had any reason to move away. Thanks to her hard work, business in Orange Town has improved a lot under her leadership, making it so that young people moved there looking for opportunities instead.

You're one of those young people that moved there, with your own dream: to become a farmer, have a piece of land you can call your own and make your living from it. An unusual dream, but one that your parents fully supported after hearing you tell about it for years and years. Now that you're finally old enough, they bought you a piece of land and wished you luck, hoping that someday you'll pay them back.


Orange Season is a farm life simulator, inspired by games like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and Animal Crossing. It's a game you can play for hundreds of hours and you'll always have something new to discover.Game Features:
  • High focus on exploration, with many hand crafted areas (mountains, forests, caves, lakes and much more).
  • Town festivals.
  • Raise animals and plant crops on your farm.
  • Increase your friendship with the town's villagers by interacting to them and completing quests.
  • Farm customization
  • Open Source: The whole game code will be available on release, so modders can change anything they want.
Upcoming Features:
  • Three different towns, with different themes and dozens of characters each.
  • Several festivals inspired by real life festivities from around the world.
  • More than 30 different types of animals.
  • Marriage system with over 10 potential spouses.
  • Rival Marriage system, without predefined couples.
  • Several minigames.
  • Share a single farm and inventory across different save files, so you can play around with what-if scenarios.
  • Companion System: You can ask a villager to hang out with you, or take one of your animals for a walk. They will follow you and participate in everything you do.
  • Mod System: Every single detail of the game can be modified by installing mods on them.
Release date
Hudell Tales
Hudell Tales
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: WindowsR 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Compatible OpenGLR
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Slice n' Dice
Find the Sickle.
Finally pinned down
Find the Hammer.
Turnip for what?
Harvest your first crop
Time to reelax
Get the fishing rod.
A Huge Net Profit
Get 1,000 Fishes
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Fantasy Farming: Orange Season reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Early Access Review Fantasy Farming: Orange Season How easy to see from the Screenshots, Fantasy Farming: Orange Season is a farming simulator that is strongly related to Harvest Moon [www.amazon.de] Oriented and, of course, has Parallels with Stardew Valley. The Character of the Game can already be recognized quite well, although the Game is still in the early access phase with Version 0.2.6. The Sound, consisting of flute & Keyboard music plus occasional Chimes, fits the idyllic Existence as a Farmer. The Controls, both with Mouse & Keyboard and with the Controller (XBox Wireless 360), are simple and good. The Gameplay In a Tutorial you are introduced to the Mechanics of the Game, simple and simple, before you are allowed to act independently. In the first Days it is above all Necessary to understand the Game and to find the Tools of the Farmer. In Addition, the first Quests are already emerging, which can be considered a Start-up Aid. Of course, the Main components here are the Cultivation of Plants, although one is quite limited at the Beginning. All the wherewithal is missing! However, this can be obtained quite quickly by Fanning Ores in the Mine, if you then instill and sell them. Before that, however, one has to solve one or the other Puzzle, whereby the Degree of Difficulty is extremely moderate. Here you clearly have The casual scene in view. Also, finding, Finding and Collecting objects (Flowers, Fruit, etc.) is an essential Part of making life easier for You. With the advancing Time you can also grow other Plants, upgrade the Tools and the Farm and sometimes get an Animal, which then has to be cherished, cared for and reared. All in all, you then have an all-round Fulfilling farmer'S life in the House and if you want to relax, you just go fishing. Features and Mankos For me, the Relationships with other Villagers work particularly hard. These can be improved by smaller Tasks, such as bringing a Flower, or by larger Quests, such as Membership of the mining league. The Characters all have their own Personalities, provided you deal with them. Unfortunately, the Dialogues are still quite limited, but it is to be hoped that this will still change and that the Possibilities of Communication will be extended. I also find it cool and funny to Write letters. This can be done with all The Characters, including your own Mother. Unfortunately, I do not have a Map for easy Overview. The Opening Hours and Accessibility of the Shops are also too confused for me. The Some open at 8:00 And close at 15:00, the Others open at 9:30 am, close at 17:00 And again others can be reached from 10am 3am-1430am. One already asks the Question: Why? Conclusion For an early access title, the Game already seems quite a long way off. The implemented Features and Plans. Appear to be well thought out, complementing farmer's Life in an appropriate Way. The Developers of Hudell Tales Bring felt every two to three Weeks an Update and also the Communication in the Forum is excellent in my Experience and Observation. I know That differently, too! As is often the Case, there is a dispute about the price. For the same Money you can get one of the titles mentioned above and have a game that has already been developed. However, we can still have an Influence on Development here and, in my Opinion, a Title that has a lot of Potential. Hence the Buy Recommendation, because that's also what Early Access is meant to be for. My Review of My Time At Portia My Review on Harvest Life My Review on Graveyard Keeper If you are interested in further Reviews of me or want to support my work, follow my Group
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