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Fantasy General II: Prologue

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The full version of Fantasy General II - Invasion is available on GOG.com. You can see it here.
The fantasy wargaming classic is back! Lead powerful heroes and mighty armies into battle in this free-to-play turn-based strategy game. Level up and train your units and guide them through the Curse story campaign.
The Curse Campaign
The Curse is a free procedurally generated campaign for Fantasy General II.
Everyone can play the Curse by downloading and installing Fantasy General II: Prologue, completely for free. You don't need to buy and own Fantasy General II in order to play it. The Curse is a free campaign giving you a taste of what Fantasy General II has to offer.
Select one of three Heroes and embark on a quest that will unveil a dark secret.
Level up your Hero and customize your Army
Battle after battle, your Heroes and units will gain experience and gain upgrades or powerful new skills... provided they survive.
Mighty artefacts and powerful spells
Dominate the battlefield by employing powerful artefacts, ancient weapons, magical medallions; turn the tides of war with devastating arcane spells.
Undead, dragons, lizardmen, harpies...
Keldonia is a land of variety. Recruit (and fight against!) all kinds of mysterious and arcane creatures, from Werebears to Trolls.
A taste of a richer world...
If you liked the Curse campaign and you would like to play the full version of Fantasy General II, with more heroes, more units, a longer story campaign, skirmish mode and multiplayer, look no further.
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Last Modified: Jul 3, 2020

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The Journey Begins
Started "The Curse".
First Step to Greatness
Won your first scenario.
Imperial General
Complete an Onslaught campaign with Filos.
Curse Legend
Complete "The Curse" on Very Hard.
Spirit Talker
Complete an Onslaught campaign with Ailsa.
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