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Early Access Review So the Game has a very good Graphics, but it already was. The eternal slow reload annoys. In the first 10 min I died 4 times on the Difficulty Level Leicht! Most of The time it is due to the long reload time, in time you are already surrounded again and you can't do anything. Liver Reloading would be much better. Furthermore, Levers do not always react or do not react at all, which was my reason to stop. The Game could be so horny would not be these Shortcomings.
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Product received for free Early Access Review "Oh raga, I got a crazy idea!" "Tell us, tell us." "We Could do a multiplayer FPS that you remember a little bit like Starship Troopers, with elements from Farpoint, then we throw in a little ' Lone Echo that is cool, a bit ' of Dead Space and a bit ' of Gears of War, we launch in EA after two months of development to thirty euros and we do the Grain. " "Genius!". This is what must have happened in the offices of DEVCUBE STUDIO when the idea for Farhome was born. Among the monthly PC outputs in virtual reality, it happens more and more often that bait out of nowhere a title that is to be used for the great revolution of VR gaming. The recipe is very simple: a presentation crammed with promises, a trailer with epic breath and images with a jaw-splitting graphics. Here, when these games sprout out of nowhere, in early access, with a high price and come from studies born yesterday is very easy that the result is a real scam. Unfortunately this is, in part, the case of Farhome. Read the full review on VR ITALIA [www.vr-italia.org] Watch the VIDEO REVIEW
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Early access review games Festing me think a FarPoint on PS4 games under unreal, well Opti and no crashes or worries, games rather pretty but it lacks, 2 style of gameplay is proposed co-op on 3 cards and a solo that looks like a-tech cibernetic , the fact that the rotation is on the left pad does not bother me more than that because I use it just to put me in front of the HUD, it's just a habit to take judging the games on this is awkward. He uses the same displacement as on doom with free movement, dash in the 4 direction and a teleport that can be used on the 3 map in co-op, I could not test the multi because the games coming out can of world the owns , the game lacks narration we can start the games in order that the o, n wants, 2 classes, weapons have to unlock co-op, multi and later other class and survival mode will arrive later, I made a small video that summarizes the map and the gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQnt1sPGBoE I recommend it to those discovering the VR for others to take if you have finished all your games or else wait for it to be complete