Farming Simulator 16 reviews

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Microsoft from Italian
Nice and fun Game, until you get it all and TAC... You don't know what to do. It would be nice to be able to play online with other friends or maybe with someone who will defect the soiled (since it is a game) integrate it with challenges and so on. Also, it would be nice, since the game was bought, to move to the updated ones favoring a price different from those who download it for the first time. I sincerely do not buy the game at full price since I already downloaded this and then delete it and download another one That maybe yes, it will be more updated, but maybe it's roughly the same thing. Thanks Good fun
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Microsoft from Spain
A shame that a good game and well Echo does not continue to fix and correct the immense amount of errors it has. They do it for ambition is like FIFA for Play station do not update anything to get an improved version for the following year with all the improvements to sell more. The problem is that FIFA works well because they pay attention and are correcting errors. This No, the cars are lost, do not explain well the processes in the manual many things I had to learn trying is not practical because when there is a problem is not known that problem is only a sign of admiration, if I saw that you prestam attention to 16 and take care of S US clients correcting design errors (I don't mean to improve) I would buy the last one that came out, but as I know they will do the same with that. I'm not interested. Best regards
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Microsoft from Deutsch
HI, I loaded the App this morning and played the Day over 3 Hours in between. When you get the Hang of it, you make Money quickly and can expand with Machines and more Tractors. I find the helpers, often described as stupid, quite practical, they take the stupid up and down with slow Machines, but take quite a lot of Time at The Pre-turn. When it rushes, the Boss has to run himself. With Mowing Combination, Swaths and Loading Trucks, you can supply the Sheep Barn with two small Tractors, without which the Fruit has to wait for the Fields. You can buy many Fields, I recommend taking more of an elongated one in order to use the Helper more wisely. So far, I have only sown Grain, as the Potatoes and Maize machines have not been affordable to me so far. I'm looking forward to more hours of Play! There's also a Shortage: A game Booth loaded into the Cloud can't be loaded from a second Device, so I'm now sitting on the iPad and reviewing (instead of playing) while the iPhone loads on the Station.